Joffery’s Coffee and Tea Shop in Disney Springs

We went to Joffery’s Coffee and Tea Shop.  It’s in Disney Springs near the Boat House.

Here is where you can get your coffee latte with a picture made in the foam.

It’s an extra $.50 cents. Makes having your warm latte fun. I ask for a hot cocoa, but they can’t do it on the cocoa. So I got a decafe mocha latte.img_2560

This is Austin he was a lot of fun to talk with while wait for our lattes.

These were sitting in the case in the morning. They are a really good size.  I can’t have these, they’re not gluten free. I like how they put the allergy notice out there for everyone to see.


Here is my latte getting the Mickey picture put on the foam in my drink.

Ta-dah… Latte art. This so cool.


My latte was enjoyable, and the design lasted quite a while on my drink.  The annual pass holder discount is good here.


Joffrey’s is near the Boat House. You can sit and watch the boats get launch into the lake and come in.  It’s in The Landing.  They are open from 9:00am – 11:30PM .



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