Playing the Disney Parks Game

Disney came up with this game app. To help pass the time while in line waiting to ride rides. It’s been fun. You can listen to park music in the app. You can download the music in in iTunes.

With the recent opening on Galaxy’s Edge East. ( Walt disney world)

We used the app. During the AP holder preview .

Here’s a screen shot of the parks app. Map of Galaxy Edge. You can touch any of the with icons. The Millennium Falcon, the droid depot , the Star and the question mark. It all has something for you to do.

I was in front of the millennium falcon and followed the prompts to open the Data Pad.

Now you can go around in the outpost and scan the the cargo. While in line for the smugglers run you cans scan items in line and get credits from Hondo Ohnaka

This is what the cargo scan badge looks like. once you scan you first one, you’ll open a new achievement.

You touch analyze, and it will scan it.

Some will say locked and show you a puzzle to solve before you can get credit for it. So now you need to construct a key.

Once you solve the puzzle, then you will get the item you scanned.

We found this one. And you can trade with others.

You can put a code in to trade with anyone. And the you will get item you traded for. So if you need something from Disneyland, you can trade.

Since then, the app has been updated and you have assignments you can do and earn credits. You can see where spots are on the map. See where you are and others playing.

I will post a part two, once we complete other fun fun with the dada pad.


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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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