What A Week {long}

This week was very trying for me. I had to step outside of my comfort zone alot. I survived


Daily grind starts for me today. It was very busy.  By 9 am, I was having a really bad allergic reaction. I wasn’t sure to what but I was. My face swelled, my throat was tingling. I was so short of breath, I could not complete any sentence. I had ask one of the girls to check my o2 sat. level. I was getting o2 in, but it sure didn’t feel like I was. My rescue inhaler wasn’t working. At this point I started to freak out a bit. I was able to unclog it, so it would work.  I was at the point, where I thought I was going to have to go down stairs and go to the ER. I didn’t. My co-worker, she helped. ALOT. I asked her to just talk about anything, That helped me so much.

I did not make it to the Box that night I was so wore out from that.  I slept.


I slept in really late.  My body was feeling better. I was starving when I woke up.  I had to gauge if I was going to the box. I did go. Today”s WOD was one of my favorite ones yet.


WOD Clean Complex .Bergener Warm Up

I learned alot .  Skill: I found my 1 rep max. It is 50 lbs.The clean complex, is 1 power clean, and 1 hang clean.  So we had to run a mile, then do 100 double under , or 200 single under. I had to do the singles. Then row 1k. I did not write my time down ,but I was happy with how well I did. I went home and went out of a interval run/walk with my dog and we did a half mile. 13:50 pace.

Food was good today.



It was really busy today at work. The painters were back. This time they came to me and we worked it out. So for 8 hrs, I had to wear a mask. Which helped.  But my body still reacted, but no where near what it did on Monday.

I was really drained today. I didn’t go to the Box, I was told I needed a rest day. By the time I got home, and stuff. I was really in a bad mood. Well it felt like a bad mood. I even had a hard time getting to sleep.

Food was ok. I found myself hungry. I was thinking it was possibly from the stress of the day and not working out.


Today is my Friday. I am very much looking forward to working out today. The day was busy from the moment I clocked in. No painting today, my unit was very full and we needed the rooms. So no mask today.  Super busy day, then it just became really bad. we had a patient who was P.O at a nurse. She kept coming to the desk. Loud, rude and each time it escalated. The last time I ended up in the middle of her screaming and yelling. She started threatening everyone. It was awful. Plus being busy, having a couple codes, and the phone would not stop ringing. In the end of this, I really was ready to just leave. I do not want to work in a environment like that. Who is going to protect me, if this went bad?? No one. Me. That’s it. I need to learn self defense, and go to the gun range more.

Food was good. I was emotionally drained. I was very much indeed looking forward to working out.


Med ball warm up. I just took out all my anger and stress out in this warm up.  Skill tonight rope climb. Coach M had a box set up under the rope. I have not done any type of rope climbing. I have not been able to hold myself up. Coach M had us watch a video, on style and rope hold for the feet. then we had to go perform it. It was my turn. I hesitated. “I can’t do this”. Yes you can. So I got the rope wrapped around my leg, and now I have to step off the box. “I can’t”. “Yes you CAN. I will be right here, to catch you.” Holy crap. This was like trying to walk down a ladder for me. E and Coach M were both right there and I stepped off.  I was hanging off the rope. I didn’t fall. I was on the rope. Now, I tried to go up the rope. That is hard. I am not coordinated enough to do that YET.  I did it again!!!


Rest day for sure. My shoulders, chest ,upper back are sore from the WOD last night.  Looking forward to the WOD in the park Saturday. Food was good.

Saturday:  Vista View Park.

We met up to do the WOD at the park. It was actually nice out. Wind was blowing. Little over cast. Got a sun burn. I had a great time working out. How many people can say that??

Teams of 2. Med ball over head throws. Trying to make a hole shot in the tire. Then sprint down the hill. Kettle bell swings. 100 and if the KB touches the ground, 10 rep penalty. “I CAN’T” do this KB. It’s to heavy. My left arm/elbow has been giving me a hard time. 35lbs. kb. I did swing that KB, and I did not drop it. Then sprint down the hill. That I said, “I can’t” do.  Wall balls with your team mate. Don’t drop the ball or a 10 rep penalty. We did good. Then one last down the the hill sprint and back. This hill reminded me of the Last nasty bridge/ramp in the WDW marathon, where I got caught with the sweeper lady counting down. That one before you go in to Hollywood studios. My lungs were tight. I was concentrating on listening to Coach counting. So, I wouldn’t concentrate on my tight lungs. Then all the sudden Coach started counting from 10. For some reason it made me run to finish. E said, because I was in marathon mode and that was the sweeper counting.

Then we finished the day off with a tug of war. That was fun.  IMG_8430

Here’s to a much better week coming.

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1 Response to What A Week {long}

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sure it may have been a rough week, but it looks like it ended on a high note with a fantastic WOD at the park. Look at you saying I can’t say can’t any more…Great job!


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