Today was meal prepping and getting ready for the week. We did good last week. E makes my smoothie in the mornings when he makes his. So I put different stuff in mine.  I prepped some small containers with my stuff in it. That way all he has to do is, open it and toss it in with the fruits.  Plus I am still sore. My soreness is delayed. I wish it wasn’t. At least I can sit back in the chair now, unlike Friday.


Daily grind, we all have to do to get the week started.


21,15,9. Deadlifts, push press and farmer carry. Only use one bar.

For me this meant I can’t go heavy since my upper body is so much weaker. 35 lbs. Plus I was still sore from the last workout. I couldn’t clean the 45lbs bar ,due to my forearms. I finished in 10:39.



Met a new coach. Coach M. He is really good.

Row a 2k all out.  The weather still sucks. Very humid in the box. My lungs tighten up couple minutes in and I just felt like I could not get a deep breath. Had to stop. More than once. So my end time was 12:12.

WOD: 450m run backwards. 10 box jump burpees, 15 pullups {ring rows} 5 rounds. The another 450m run backwards. Since I had to scale down, So were the rounds. 3 rounds for time.  I can not run backwards. My knees hate it.  I walked as fast as I could. This WOD kicked my ass.  37:52 is my time. My arms were on fire.



This became a rest day. I was so sore. My arms were spent. I had to mobilize. Drive. Driving was not nice. I drive a stick shift.


Coach Mike again. 1k row for a warm up.

The Seven

7 hspu {push up with hand lift}, dead lift 95 lbs., burpees, kbs 18lbs, 7 pull ups. I asked if I could do jumping pull ups, since I did the ring rows already. Coach M said I could.

This is 9/11. The seven totals up 343 NYFD that were lost. So Coach M wrote 7 soldier’s names to pay respect too.  My time was 53: 07 Again if my lungs would not get so tight, I would do so much better.



Rest Day. Arms real sore. Basically from boobs up, just sore. Even my back.


Over slept.

This week my favorite recipe is  Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken . Awesome. Is all I have to say.


Besides the WOD, We walked about 4 miles this week with the doggies. I know I have to up my miles.  I have this I want to earn.


Have a great Week!

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