Last Month..

April was not a  good month for me.


I had to practically stop doing crossfit, due to my foot.  I was having a rough time even walking my dog. I still am, but not as bad. So I plan on hitting the box again. I have too. Dumbo Double Dare training has started.

I did start walking again. Just plain  walking. I have been able to walk 8 miles this week. I missed yesterday. I did a 16 hour shift. I have mt fitbit working again. I was going to see if I can peddle the bike. I haven’t be able to do that since all this foot pain and swelling.

I have been putting more in-fusses on getting more sleep. my sleep time has gone up. I have been getting better sleep again. I have been finding that no matter how much I mobilize, or stretch, my IT bands are kicking my ass. Literally.

So I have been doing research. I am … no we are going to give the Whole 30 a try. Why did I choose this?? I read the The Paleo Approach. Good book. Full of bio-mechanic, science body. But I am not one for LABELS.

Sunday we are starting the Whole 30.  SO I went ahead and started cutting out how much coffee I drink. I like coffee. 2 cup max. Eat before coffee. No coffee after NOON. I have replaced it with teas. I can drink tea straight up hot, no nothing added. Decaf at that. I have cut out my extra snack.  I have been eating within an hour of getting up. Finding myself to eat lunch earlier and dinner. I make myself eat in the time frame. I am walking the dog around the block. {1/2 mile} This is in all to try to reset some out of whack hormones.


I learned how to make my own Ghee. I can tolerate it. That is the only legal dairy we can have for the 30 days. No night shades. No raw honey, or the raw organic agave in the coffee. I have also cut that out.  We are not cutting out eggs. Specially since we do not buy store eggs any more.

I am sure not the type to sit around. I miss going to the box and getting my sweat on.  Sunday just can’t get here soon enough.

I am going to try to set aside time to blog more. Miss that too.  So looking at May, finally get to see the foot doctor.  Get back in the box. Whole 30 rocking. Hopefully get to the bottom of some issues there. Pound some serious pavement.






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1 Response to Last Month..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sounds like you’re getting your mojo back again. It’s tough – I’ve been in a big funk lately and am working to rectify that situation. Add home and work stress and April was bad for me too – May will be better. Dumbo is waiting and you have to see him fly after you’ve flown through the races!!!!


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