Product Review, Dirty Mouth

Today I am going to do a product review of a new product I have been using now a little over a month.

IMG_7661Tooth clay for a dirty mouth. 🙂 Primal Life Organics.  When your dentist tells you you need to go see a orthodontist, to have your teeth asset and clean. Something is wrong. So I did just that. Well I have a periodontal disease, and my gums are not happy. Long story short where I work I have seen people get admitted to the hospital for having that done. Coming up with all kinds of things I do not want to have.

I found this site.

Here is the dirt/clay. You wet the end of your brush and press the wet end into the clay.

IMG_7663Get coverage over the end of your brush.


from here you can either put up ti 3 drops of the tooth serum on your brush.

IMG_7664Or you can put it in some water and swish in your mouth like it was mouth wash.

IMG_7665Last you can just put the 3 drops directly in to your mouth. Then brush you teeth as you normally do.

My gums are now brighter, my mouth doesn’t hurt. I don’t get these little sores I was prone to getting. My sinuses are not constantly running. It has been a little over a month.

Mind you, this does not foam. It is not sweet. The flavor you order is what you get. Don’t be alarmed when you spit in the sink that it is grey in color that is the color of the clay/dirt. Even E likes it.

I sure wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t like it. I love it.

Go check them out Primal Life Organics. They have other stuff I plan on trying as well.

Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Product Review, Dirty Mouth

  1. vertwife says:

    check out my products and I would love for you to learn about young living essential oils. it is an awesome way to reach the next level in chemical free living and detoxing your mind, body and spirit from all the toxins. A cool product to spread and its completely of Gods making – same oils as Christ used!! I love you page…inspiring!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Glad you found something you like. I was a dental assistant for a while in a previous life and I saw it all and you’re doing what you should – finding something that works to heal your mouth. As you know, a lot of disease can get in to the body from sores and problems in the mouth.


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