Ranting And Raving

It’s been quite some time since I have posted. I should be posting about my excitement for the up coming Spartan race. I am not. I had to have it differed to next year.


First update. My right foot has been such an issue I can not do a ton of bouncing, running, or jumping.  I have an appointment with a foot doctor, but it is so far out, I just don’t care if I go. But I need to. I need to start running sprints and stuff for Disneyland half. I can not do that efficiently with my foot. toonrunningshoes

Second, I am learning that some of ,well the majority of my few autoimmune issues I do have, can be fixed. Lots of hard work on my part.

I have been doing crossfit for one year. I have made alot of great progress. I have learned tons of things that if I work on I can correct. Again, here I was angry with all my doctors over the years of telling me will never be able to do that again.  I CAN jump rope. I CAN squat. I CAN lift some weights. Me, pissed off?? I have been. I have let it go. Now, I have lost 4 pants sizes. That is nothing to be ashamed of. I am proud of that fact. But I have not dropped any weight. I DO have more muscle. My endurance has improved.  Which when I have some small improvements, like being able to hold my self up in a scaled hand stand. I was so excited, I was in tears.  I am so proud of myself of all that I have accomplished. Looking forward to  accomplishing even more.


Why haven’t I dropped any of the weight?? Research, I need to dial in my diet better. So in my search, I have found a local doctor. Who I will be seeing this month. Not 6 months from now. Who will look at things differently that the conventional doctor. I did my research, she is a weekend warrior. Yoga teacher, a runner. So she will understand why it is important to get back out there. No complaints on her. She is local. I picked her out of three. The other two are not weekend warriors.  This is going to be interesting.


My blog absence is because I am pissed off at everybody that you are suppose to trust. Working hard. Learning I do not need to work so hard. Things just need to be corrected.

IMG_3508See there is a pill for that!


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1 Response to Ranting And Raving

  1. wdwalone says:

    I know I’ve been absent a lot lately, but I didn’t know you were having all of these issues. I hope things are starting to look better.


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