Half Marathon “The Don” #2 {long}

IMG_6208So I finally got to start the race. 48 minutes after the official start.  I hung to the left since I was looking for E and his candles. I saw them and a volunteer yelled my name. 🙂 It wasn’t chilly, nor was to hot.  It was really crowded. Hard to gt into a good grove. I mean crowded. Lots of new and first timers. They really need to pay attention to everything going on and NOT BLOCK the road!!

IMG_6212Alright Almost to the 5k mark. Headed into the parking area of MK. Then I get past by this guy. I was so surprised to see.

IMG_6213This is Dr. Dribble. Look him up. He did the Goofy I think. There is tons of sites to see in the races here.

IMG_62185k mark .I wasn’t going to try to get any better than this. Tons on runners at the mile markers. Again it was crowded. Things going well.

IMG_6221Coming up on the Contemporary. We had to skinny up here. As you can see the car in the line next to the line of cones. People were running the the grass because it was so crowded. Yes this is frustrating but everyone took it in stride.

IMG_6224Its not super clear, but this is the under water bridge. Yes the DJ was telling everyone we were going underwater. Some of the runners thought we were really going to get wet. Then a boat went by and the DJ got excited and yelled, “see this is a water bridge you are going under!” “Just breathe normal do not hold your breath.” It was great.

IMG_6226See underwater bridge! haha..

IMG_6227Passing the contemporary.

Now we are coming up on my favorite part of this whole race. The build up to going into the Magic Kingdom. Again crowded.  Everyone is getting excited. Specially the first timers. love it!! I get excited every time. I do not care ow many times I have done this, it’s gets me everytime. We go through Transportation and ticket center. I saw E here. It was exciting, all the volunteers and spectators and the kids getting excited when you high five them.

IMG_6229The guard shack. Yay!! Getting closer! Here it is really hard not to start sprinting.

IMG_6230Holy Cats!!! We are getting closer. Really hard not to run. I love this part!!!

IMG_6231Main Street here we come!!! Again it’s crowded. I was in a run interval and the whole crowd was running so I kept running. I ran down Main Street!!! Last year I walked. Not this year I ran!! For me that is AWESOME!!

IMG_6233Crowded! I was hanging to the left. so I could see E. I high five alot of people. I think the Donald costume had alot to do with that.

IMG_6235I am running down Main Street. Passing the ice cream Parlor. Can you see the candles??

IMG_6237It is really hard to take a picture while running but there is My candle Man!! I walked up to him and grab a kiss and said, “all is good.” “See you at the finish line.” Now I have ran through 2 walk breaks. So I walked through Tomorrow-land.

IMG_6238See I am smiling. I am excited. I had to regain myself here so I can get my head back into the race. My second half marathon injury free. 🙂 Self checks. Feet, doing good. Nothing is rubbing. Tights are a bit too long and bunching up. Fuel time. I ran through the last one.

IMG_6240Coming up on the tea cups. We were able to spread out a bit here. Still crowded.

IMG_6241Started an run interval here. Yep I am getting ready to RUN through the castle. That is so awesome. This is also a hard part to control self and not rush through it.  Yes I am a Disney Geek and I geek out every single time!!

IMG_6246YAY!! Here I go …..

IMG_6248Blurry cause I am running, running and BAM!! Come to a dead stop. Yep.. The crowd just stops. I was yelling excuse me. People looked at me and was being grumpy. I said, “the clock will not stop. It is relentless.” I had to push my way through. Never in all my Disney half marathons have I had that happen.

IMG_6251The running crowd coming from the castle. But some how, The photographers got good pictures of me.

IMG_6252Half way..in frontier land.

IMG_6253Blurry due to running but that is one of the Steam engines.

IMG_6254Back stage going by the Princess float. Getting ready to exit Magic Kingdom.

IMG_6255Crowded again back here. We are passing the Grand Floridian.

IMG_6258Back out on World Drive.  Headed back to Epcot. Headed home. 🙂 I stopped here E was sending me messages that my buddy was now behind me. About 30 seconds. SO I stepped out and We found each other. It was great finding A. She was having a rough time with the darn foot. We walked together and talked. I had to speed back up because I was getting sore going at the slower pace. She understood and off I went. I sent a message out to our other buddy, Stroller Boy and told him A was having a rough time and needed some support. 🙂

IMG_6260It looks like I was trying to pet this runner. My darn finger was getting in the way.

IMG_6265This is under the overpass that starts the trek back to Epcot. Just before evil ramp #1.

IMG_6266Cleared the ramp and the over pass. You try running in a ramp that circles around heads up a bridge. Not easy. You have to say at the top of the ramp so you do not walk in the incline that is off and messes with your legs.

IMG_6268Made it over evil ramp #2 and last bridge before entering into the Epcot Bus loop. IMG_6270There’s my candle guy!!! E was laughing since I took his picture. Headed into Epcot. We head in to head back out to finish.

IMG_6271Back stage. Just before we get into the park.

IMG_6273Near the fountain.

IMG_6274My view. I thought the flowers were pretty and seeing the runners head to the finish line.

IMG_6276Now headed to the finish line. I know I keep saying that, but I mean it. I high five a little boy here you don’t see. He was upset no one would. I I went over to him and high five him and he was so excited!

IMG_6279The choir. Oh man they are sounding so awesome. I got excited here because you know what is .1 mile away?? The finish line!! I didn’t take alot of pictures here since I have already done that in the last 2 races.

IMG_6285There is that beauty!!

IMG_6286Oh sweet!! THE FINISH LINE!!!!

IMG_6287I finished!!!

IMG_6288Hey I found E. Love those damn candles. I waited for A.

IMG_6289Sweet victory! Got my Don!

IMG_6290Look who else crossed the line a bit before me. Yep Santa. He is an amazing person. Look up Marathon Santa.  Yes his race bib says Santa.

IMG_6292See we made it!!! 3 races down one more to go!!  How am I feeling?? I was sore. My legs were tight and the long I was still the worse it got. To be expected from doing a half marathon. So we grabbed lunch hung out and talked. E and I went back to the room and I stretched, rolled and put on my compression pants. Took it easy the rest of the day. E and I roamed the resort and did some pin trading. I set my stuff out of the next race. I was having a little anxiety about the distance. Not sure what my body was going to do. Remember I trained completely different that last year.

My camel pack was leaking that night. Could not figure it out. I was worried it was going to leak all out and I would not have any water out there when I needed it. As long as it was up right it was ok. But we did notice it was really wet at the bottom. I still wore it. I had to have my little angel with me.

IMG_6193He was there with me in this race. I sure wanted him there in the next one.

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1 Response to Half Marathon “The Don” #2 {long}

  1. wdwalone says:

    I think it is so funny how different we thought the weather was. Were we in different races ;)? You rocked this race and your good mood was infectious.

    Love the training for Dopey 2015 in your about!


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