Half Marathon “The Don” Part #1

Alarm went off at 2:00a. I got up to hang up the wake up call, and I had the worse head ache and felt like I had the worse hang over ever. I laid back down, I know I had another alarm to go off. I took some advil and drank some water and my stomach is churning. Alarm went off again and I got up. I was feeling really bad. I got up and got dressed. I stretched and tried to get down some coffee. I had a half a banana and just a few bites of oatmeal.

IMG_6195Here i am. I forgot to get a self picture, because I was feeling so bad.

IMG_6193Here is my camel pack. Yes I have tons of lights on it. It just seems no matter how lit up you are in the evening training, drivers still do not see you.  Oh the picture on there is our nephew. That’s Aiden. He is cancer free. 🙂 I needed some extra strength I added him on and let me say I had more questions who he was, since I did not have anything written on the picture about him.

E was trying do hard to help me shake it off. Noise and everything was bothering me. I ended up in the bathroom for a bit. After that bout, we headed out to the buses. Holy Long line!!! It’s now 4a and there is a line as lone as crap!!  E kept on we will get there, relax.  While everyone else was already at the race site, I was still in line to get on the bus.

IMG_6194Yes this is the line. I can’t complain, because our bus driver was the best. While we were driving to the race area he was talking up a storm. Then all the sudden you here vomit hit the floor.  One of the runners threw up on the bus. She was sitting up front, and it hit the floor next to the driver. Yuck…. He was awesome. While she was apologizing, he just took it all in stride and he announced we had to wait to unload the bus, due to a mess that needed to be cleaned.

We had to go through bag check. Today the Disney Security guy was not wanting to be there, and I gave him my camel pack he just look at me and said clear. He never touched the bag. E said he’s mad since he had to be up so early. :0)

We went as far As E could go. I just wasn’t ready but I went. I was slowly starting to feel better. At least my stomach was feeling better. It was soooo crowded. The walk to corrals.

IMG_6196Here is mine. At least I wasn’t the last corral. It is so crowded compared to the other 2 races!!! So I sat down, and I did my 1 minute meditation my health coach taught me to do. I was able to regain myself and get my head back on straight. Funny thing, I never doubted the distance, I was more worried about how I felt. I was worried about beating my body up.  Weather was good. Not to cold ,not to warm and not so humid. Little over cast.

IMG_6197This is my view looking toward the start line. As you can see I can not see the start line. It was nearly 45 minutes before I got to the start line. My run buddy was 2 corrals ahead of me and my goal was to catch up to her. I had my interval timer set to what her and I had been doing in the first 2 races. I just decreased my walk to 4 minutes.

IMG_6198This is the view behind me. See the light near the bridge, that is the entrance to my corral. Normally I am in the corral way back in the back behind that bridge in this picture.

IMG_6202Here you can see the over cast.  Slowly moving toward the start line. The guy in front of me was so nervous cause it was his first race. I had my picture taken a dozen times. I was even asked if I was going to be to hot in my costume. Nope. I ran around in the neighborhood with it on. My costume was super thin. Light weight and it worked well. Other than my running shorts were climbing and sliding down.

IMG_6203Slowly getting closer. E was texting me asking where I was and we were just chatting back and forth. He was telling me where he was so I can see him and he can see me. It’s alot of fun trying to find him in the crowds with his candles on. He is known as the Marathon Candle Guy.


Getting closer. At this point there is one corral in front of mine. It is loud and exciting. Donald is on the stage with Rudy. I am feeling much better . It is almost 6:15 am. Nearly 45 minutes since the race started. I had started my fueling process when the race had started. I didn’t want to be hungry or feeling low when I finally got to start. Or have any issues. I didn’t want my hands to swell. Which is a indicator your  electrolytes are off and so are you salts. From experience, I want to remember the whole race. One of my races I hit the wall so hard my body was shutting down and I still to this day can not remember the last 2 miles of it.

Alright stopping here.

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