The Family Fun Run 5k

Up by 3:00am. Getting self together and make sure I have all my fun stuff. Bus starts running at 4:00 am.  Today I was dressed as Goofy.

IMG_6036It was fun dressing up. The photographers almost line up to get your picture. It was chilly Thursday morning. I wore my long sleeve skin under my shirt, I even wore white gloves.

I walked on to the bus, no waiting. Weird, but I am not going to complain. Getting there was quite quick since we were at Pop.

Had to walk almost a half mile to the family reunion area. There is now a bag check area, if you have a bag to check, or if your carrying a camel back, or fanny pack. I didn’t bring anything with me in this one. I was able to go through the no bag check side. The police are there with their dogs, and most of them are dressed in swat gear.

I found Amanda, and Chris, and Michael caught up with everyone. They did the Dj playing good music. We were going to get our pictures with the characters this morning,but we had to wait till after the race. Blah…

So we all walked over to the corral side. Corral E.


Oh not bad I thought. Heck I ended up in the last one again. Oh well so did a bunch of other people. We were able to make it to the front of the corral area and watch the other corrals go by.

IMG_6038That’s looking to the right as corral A was coming up to the start line.IMG_6039As each corral went by, you can feel the excitement from everyone. But when you watch, it appeared to have been less kids. Less family fun. But when you look at the pictures you see there was alot of kids.

Finally it is our turn. Amanda and I were getting stiff from standing still, and then you could feel how chilly it was again once we got moving.

IMG_6044 The officials walking us to the start line. I told you we were up front. We had to skinny up. People were getting upset cause they had to get behind us. I make a great wall. I had no plans of moving.

IMG_6046This is the corner we had to turn and skinny up.

IMG_6049It’s not clear, but this is the start line.

IMG_6056When I looked to my left this is what I saw standing at the start line. See, we were up front. 🙂 I was asking Amanda about the intervals we were doing and the dumb people behind us started to complain that we were walkers. I didn’t hear this otherwise I would have said something.

3..2..1.. fire works are we are off! Nice little walk through the parking lot, it is still dark. Sun hasn’t quite come up yet. It is also over cast, and misty rainy. No humidity. Thank goodness. That makes it easier on me and my lungs.

IMG_6059This is just after we entered Epcot. We came in from behind Test track. Sarge was back there getting after runners, issued some push ups. The Disney security guy was having fun saying ,come on in , no lines ,no waiting, and no bag check here. haha In the picture that is China.

IMG_6061It blurry, I had a hard time taking pictures.

IMG_6063My first attempt of a selfie. haha I had fun…

IMG_6071Headed to the finish line. The lady in front of us here ,she had a hand puppet . It was cool.

IMG_6072haha.. here we both are.. being silly. My goal this race year was to have fun. So I took ALOT  of pictures too. IMG_6073We came all the down to the front of Epcot. It was pretty cool.

IMG_6077This is the ALL Mighty finish line chute. If you have done any of the races here, you know where this is and you know how exciting getting here can be.

IMG_6081Blurry I know, but I tried to get a good one. Then you come up on all the cameras and the excitement of the crowd that is there, and I just had to run in!!

IMG_6085That’s the finish line selfie. Yep I am learning fast how to do this. 🙂

IMG_6093Alright, one down and three to go..

Yesterday, I did 3 miles. My buddy here Amanda is over doing the Tink. So I did a 3 miles yesterday. Today I have on my Minnie 10k shirt, since she is doing the 10k. I went out to do a 10k today. My body would not let me. I made it 4.4 miles. My IT band is very inflamed. My toes are still very sore. So I listened to my body and stopped. I was interval running. 2min walk and a 1 minute run. I will get my last 2 miles in today when we head out to walk the dogs.

Happy DAM Saturday!




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1 Response to The Family Fun Run 5k

  1. wdwalone says:

    I had so much fun doing the 5K with you. it was great just taking it easy and having a good time.

    You’re being smart listening to your body and stopping when you feel like it’s too much.


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