Expo and Resort Trip Report #1

This is the first WDW marathon weekend I have traveled to and participated in a couple races without E. He couldn’t come up until the weekend for the big races. Once again E is amazing man. He traveled up on his birthday, gets there just in time so we can go to pre race dinner we always do with our friends.

The expo was great. When I got there on Wednesday after driving up, it wasn’t’ crowded.


I was so surprised. I got goody bag #1 and shirts right away. Found out they had did Women’s sizes in shirts. Which I had to get a larger size in. I was good with this. Since It my shirts fit quite well. So I was given all 5 of my shirts and goodies for  my dopey part of the race. Then had to go over to the Jolsen Center to get the 5k goody bag and t-shirt.

It was a little bit busier here, but it was good enough I was able to walk around and look at stuff. IMG_6018I had got all I needed and got out. I sure could have picked up more stuff. I had missed Chris and Amanda. Which was fine. But over all for this it was good for me. I didn’t even attempt to try for shoes. I will get a pair eventually.

I stayed at Pop Century. I was able to check in early. As always the room was great. I hung out in the resort for the most part. I had a great view too. It was in the very back, but it was quiet and beautiful.

IMG_6030My view. Yes that is Art Of Animation. I found out the walkway goes all the way around the lake. It is 1 mile all the way around.

IMG_6028The courtyard . So cool.

IMG_6027This was on the other side. I tried to get the entire thing in the picture. I love it! I had one of these!!

I got all my stuff out for the 5k in the morning. I dressed up as Goofy. I needed to make sure I was ready. I had three alarms set. I was unable to fall asleep right away.

Well that is part of my race weekend update for now. I have to go get my 1 mile in. I committed to 1 mile for 30 days. Today I returned to doing crossfit. It felt good. I had a few doubts with jumping rope today,but I was able to do it and I finished the WOD in the allotted time. Last night I did 5 miles on my trampoline. It was raining and I was feeling pretty good.

Food has been good. I have been snacking a bit more than I normally do,  I have cut it back again.

Happy Friday Eve!

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1 Response to Expo and Resort Trip Report #1

  1. wdwalone says:

    Yeah, it sucks that we all missed each other at the expo, but like you I had no crowds and got almost everything I wanted quickly and easily.

    I always set me stuff out the night before too. Don’t want to have to think about things at 3am :).

    Glad you were feeling good after the races!


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