IMG_5183We haven’t been to a Mickey Not so Scary Halloween party in quite some time. This time we had my Mom with us and she has never been. We didn’t really dress up like the rest of the group.

IMG_5192The Country Bears. They all did such a great job.

IMG_5191Amanda and I. My Run Disney buddy. See we kinda dressed up. I was called a wrestling fan cause of my shirt. 🙂

We had already claimed a spot to see the Head less horseman.  He use to Run down the street on his horse, now he is just walking down Main Street, on the horse. I was told to many CM’s were getting hurt so they had to slow it down.

While we all were waiting, we got to hear this.

Here he is, They also left the light on..


So we got a bite to eat while the rest of the group headed over to Adventure-land. Of course we ate at Casey’s. By the time we were done it was almost time for Hallo Wishes. So we headed back in to masses to get a spot and met back up with most everyone again. I have to say. Since the last time I saw this, what improvements. I had to use the Inst a-gram video, my phone over heats if you use it too much. That’s why for such small clips..


This was so Amazing !


IMG_5241Still of Hallow Wishes.

After this we all rode the Haunted Manson. We have not ever seen the new part out front. That was very cool.

IMG_5253She called our bears monkeys… haha IMG_5255

From here we went trick or treating. My Mom had a blast doing this. The rest of the group went on their way as well. And we finally got to see some of the new Fanastyland. It was dark but it was awesome.

IMG_5264We left that night with 2 bags each full of candy. My daughter and her roommates are getting the most of it.

I had so much fun.For not going for a few years, we have alot of catching up to do.


IMG_5268Trip report done. Back to the grind.

I have been doing my Galloway training miles. Listening to Galloway on The Extra Mile Podcast The Galloway Edition. I have learned alot about the run walk run. So I have been able to use it better. Even if you do not feel like running walk it. He said walk your training time even if you can not run that day. You will still get you time in. So Last night I did.







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1 Response to M.N.S.S.H.P.

  1. wdwalone says:

    Not So Scary was a lot of fun. It was good getting to hang out with everyone.


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