Tower Terror Trip #3 {bit long}

Saturday early afternoon we went over AK. We haven’t been there in a while. Don’t want to do too much before the race that night. Being that it was game day we wore our Team’s shirts to support  them. Of course the kid was happy to see E wear his shirt out and about. We were called Mom and Dad all afternoon.

IMG_5123Again photo bomb. This was while waiting to ride the Kilimanjaro safari.

Then check this out…

IMG_5130I remember one of my friends went  to Disney and NEVER saw any Giraffes. The babies were out. 😉

Then we had a tasty lunch at the Flame Tree BBQ.

IMG_5148They were able to substitute the  slaw for watermelon. No dairy chances..

For dessert had to have a Dole whip.

IMG_5150After that we had to head back to the room. Had to try to get some rest before the race. Ya know they want the racers there early.

IMG_5157It was crowded. We got over there close to 8p. Met up with the crew that was there. It was so awesome to see everyone. Lisa ,and Trace it’s been too long. I went and stood in line for nearly an hour. While waiting I started doing my stretching and doing some of the drills I was taught standing in line. Why not.

I was in corral D. I got in my corral sat down and stretched some more. Not long after that they started moving us to line up. It was nearly 20 minutes before I started.  Let me say, the police were out, and so were the bomb sniffing dogs. I am not a fan of hanging around when they’re around. Stuff usually happens when they’re around. E had to go through a bag check so he could walk up to the start line as close as he could get.

They had problems with their sound system. It was in and out. 10..9..8… finally we get to start and I am going to walk run my first race.  we are off…

I had no pictures of the course. The entertainment was better, more stuff on the course. Including fog machines. This one was a little before the 5k mark and it was really putting out the fog. I choose not to run around the fog. I ran through it. That was a huge mistake. It set me in to an attack. My lungs got tight, I couldn’t breathe. No medics… No one I knew was even near me… I was scared. I was determined not to sit down. I just walked. I almost called E and stuff the phone in a persons face. I didn’t. I used my inhaler and just walked. I have never been so scared. I have never been that tight before. I just kept walking.  Well from that moment on, it just messed up my pace. I could not catch up with anyone. It was too damn crowded.

Once i was able to breathe again I was able to run walk another mile before my body said we are walking. The cool part was the Tesla coil that was sitting in the stadium. All the sudden you could here this weird noise. It got louder as you headed in the stadium. It was sooo awesome.. it had a static bolt coming off of it. I could hardly look away it so amazing looking. Then back out on the road and started the walk back to Hollywood studios. This course was different than last year. It was a bit more ramps, no alot more ramps. Thank goodness for the water stops. I had forgot my fueling at home and I had to drink the power aide. Gross but I was feeling better.

Not once did I see a sweeper or a red flag. Once in the park it was easier. More cheering, more to look at. The one thing I didn’t like was we were behind the scenes more, and had less interaction with the crowds. Really could use some serious cheering… The volunteers were great. I tried to run and my legs were not going to have it. but when I turned the corner and saw the finish line, I MADE myself run to it. Got a high five from Tower Goofy. That was cool.

IMG_5182My medal glowing in the dark. No pictures after the race. It was a long walk back to E and Amanda. At least this time I was NOT being wheeled out. I didn’t hang out in the bathroom. I walked out on my own. Even after the attack.

I was ready to sell my bib. Yep my Dopey bib. I was done. I was upset with the fact I can’t get faster. I put in the time and effort and eat right and everything. BY run Disney buddy was right there with me.

Later after I got home, I ended up with a great e-mail with another Team member, and my Health coach. Thanks you guys…

So I dusted off..laced up and I am back at it.


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1 Response to Tower Terror Trip #3 {bit long}

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sorry we weren’t closer so I could have helped you when you were having your attack…but you were tough and you did it!


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