Tower Of Terror #2

Before I get into my report, I would like to try to set the tone of how I was doing. The day that we were leaving for Disney I went to the Box. I was figuring that they would leave most of the crazy WOD for the weekends. HOLY CATZ!!! I walk in and I read the Filthy Fifty. Never done it. Went light on it. Knowing I had to race this weekend. I made to to push press which is 6 out of 10 in 40 minutes.  Coach Kyle, helped me with some mobilizing so I could use my arms. Otherwise I would have had T- rex arms. SO We had to still drive nearly 3 hours and let me say this, DO NOT DO A major WOD before you have to travel.

IMG_5078The Expo…

E, my Mom, and I headed over to the expo when it opened. My Run Disney Buddy Amanda Was on her way too. I have not seen her since Jan. 14′  Her blog is,  Alone in Walt Disney World.

IMG_5085We walk into the expo. Now in the photo you are looking down at the expo. Now I have to walk down stairs. Ugh.. I am soo sore from the day before. As usual it is crowded. People standing in line to get a chance to get the New Balance Run Disney Edition shoes. Free goodies, sales and all kinds of great stuff. My running shoes were even on sale. I was temped to get a pair. But we all know not to start new stuff during a race.



Conditions were mark as good for the event.

IMG_5114The race event book. Very cool. After we picked up our packets and then off to shopping in the “official Merchandise” section. This is the most crowded section. This year i didn’t get a I did it shirt. I haven’t even had cool enough weather to wear the one from last year.  But I did get the pin, and the medal for my vinyl.

IMG_5116This pin is awesome. I am glad they have started to make the race medal pins like this.

IMG_5092We had to wait for Amanda. Her Cashier had his machine freeze up. So I took a picture of the banner and E photo bomb it. haha

IMG_5115That’s the shirt that came in the Packet.

Part #3 will be later. Our Raglan Road Dinner. This will be our first time at this restraint.

Time to get my 45 minutes in today. Today is the 45 min. Galloway training run/walk/run.

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1 Response to Tower Of Terror #2

  1. wdwalone says:

    At least we were able to chat during the wait to get our packets and buy our merch. It’s always good to see you guys!!!


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