What a week and a half it has been.


Taking the Kid to college band camp. 12-13 hours of camp. Then she could not move into housing until last Monday. Then room was not all ready. Leaky faucets, spiders in the closet. Keys not working and the list goes on.


While The Kid was at camp we walked the stadium there. They open it up in the early mornings for walking in it. So we did.  It came out to one mile. There was alot of runners, walkers and people stair climbing. SO the next morning we walked in the campus. What a pretty place. We walked by the band training field and all over out there. We had to walk a hill that had incline like the ole Rickenbacker here. They have hills. We ended up walking 3.6 miles.

This picture is of the field, where my Kid will be marching. 🙂


We left on Tuesday, drove by Disney World AGAIN… If we had our passes, we would have been in a water park so fast.. Just wait, when we do have passes , I won’t be passing Disney World!



Here they all are on the practice field!!


I have some other things I am working on with the guidance of my health Coach. Hi Michael. So once we come up with a really good solid plan. I will explain more on that later. I think I found my motivation. 🙂

As you can see I am one Proud Parent!

GO Marching Gators!!

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1 Response to Proud…

  1. wdwalone says:

    You should be proud – such an awesome step for your daughter!


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