So far this month is not my best. I walked on Monday evening. E went and did his backpack training.

Today,I am suppose to do 45 minutes for the Dopey training today. {not feeling it} I have not been to the box yet either.{going to force myself to go} I am having a problem with motivation.  It is gone.  Not sure why, but it is . It has been a battle for me to get moving.


No races this month. It is the same weekend we go to college.  Oh, my last post, I never made it out the door. Measurements, I lost a half inch. Better than nothing.

Apparently, I am the only one I know of that does not have a passport. {other than my family} Really?? Sigh… The girls at work have been bugging me to get one. Now I have reason to get a passport.{other than going out with the girls} Last week, My cousin sends me a text message. Nothing new. Well hell it was news. Big NEWS. My Uncle’s daughter found my cousin.{my one and only who is the closest person I have to a sister}  🙂  Our cousin lives in Thailand. 🙂  It has been a trip down memory lane.:)  I am so glad she found her. J,you have closed that gap in our family. Now our family has grown again. Do I see a trip in my future? I sure do. 🙂


But I still can not get that motivation to get out the door. Wait.. I did on Sunday evening.

Maybe I am tired. I sure have not got alot of sleep lately. 🙂 Been staying up talking with family from afar. {time difference}

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2 Responses to Blah..

  1. j. humenay says:

    Fake it took you feel it. Don’t lose your progress.


  2. wdwalone says:

    Now this does not sound like Rae. You have come so far, you cannot stop now. Think of your goals, what you want to accomplish, how you will accomplish those goals.

    Then think about how good it is to feel bad after a workout. Even when you feel like crap, there’s still a sense of pride. You never regret a workout, but you’ll regret not getting out the door.

    I know you have it in you. Find that motivation and stick it to you like glue.


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