GI Distress and Stress

It’s been a while. I have a few things I need to say.

First off, my last race was not my best. I almost had to stop. I was getting sick to my stomach, and my body refused to let me run at all. I thought I was going to end up with a DNF. I am not sure what brought on the weird ill feelings. We thought maybe I was having a reaction to my inhaler. I don’t think I was. It’s not expired. Same one I use. Yes it was super humid out. Specially under the mangroves. No breeze. How was my fueling? Off obviously . Not enough electrolytes, and fuel. Regardless, I still placed 2nd {really do not know how}

Then All last week I have been very ill to my stomach. No training, no crossfit.

Today I went to class. We did Hero Morrison. I miss understood, the scale down for the session. I ended up doing the RX for my first round. Then I scaled. I made it to round 3, and I started to get sick. My stomach, I was shaky. It wasn’t nice. I was done. I went out side for a walk, My stomach was very unhappy. I went to grab the electrolytes out of my bag. I forgot it. I have not been like this in years. Coach Kevin said there is a puke bucket and if I throw up in it, I get to sign it. Haha..

I got home, I drank my electrolytes, and recovery drink. I felt much better.  I am thinking I am going to have to get real strict with my fueling, until my body straightens out. {i think I picked up a bug at work}

I am back to eating my normal meals and snacks. I have incorporated more veggies. I am back to juicing. I have my one splurge on the weeknd. Which was pizza.  I have measured I don’t have them logged yet, but I will, and post them.

I know I was off for a week. I felt like I was off for a month, with a bad cold. I have been having a lot of self doubt. I have been working my ass off, and the numbers are still dropping. {super slow}. It is frustrating. I feel like Tower Of Terror is going to kick my ass again.

I won’t be racing in the month of August. Kid is college bound. This has been  stressful. Waiting has been the hard part. Trying to get the kid to get things in order and ready.{supplies} I have had alot of sleepless nights. Before you know it, the house is going to be empty. Last one will be out. What will I do with all the spare time I am going to have?

I have been thinking, a lot of the stress from the high school to college is a lot of my problem.



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2 Responses to GI Distress and Stress

  1. wdwalone says:

    I was sick with a stomach bug this week too. It sucked. I worked out and just kept it light, but it wasn’t fun. I so understand how you have been feeling on that front.

    2nd place – that is awesome. You have to stop and look at how much you have accomplished and continue to accomplish. You’ve come so far from the days when you couldn’t ride in your car because of the pain. I am so proud of you.

    As far as doubt for Tower of Terror – I don’t think you have anything to worry about as you’re putting in the work and your progress has been steady as it should be. Still, I understand that doubt too – I’m feeling the same about the Dumbo Double Dare. Like you I’d like to get out of the last corral for Dopey – I don’t have any hopes of doing much more than moving up one corral, but one would be great as far as I’m concerned. I think you’ll do much better than that. You have a coach that is helping you and believes in you and you know your friends all believe in you too.

    Keep your chin up, you’re doing great!


  2. It sounds a LOT like stress. Hang in there chika. Lots of deep breathes and, like you said, stay in your routines as much as possible. I deal with something similiar before deployments. You’re heading in the right direction. You’re stronger now than you were when you started. Just keep moving forward!
    (Secret: I still have an anxious stomach. I have the runs just about every time before training – despite the fact that I’ve been at it with the SAME SUPER AWESOME NICE TRAINER GUY for EIGHT MONTHS! Just don’t let it beat ya. 😉 )


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