Catch Up

It’s been awhile since I have posted. Let’s start at the top.

I weighed in 2 weeks ago. Got my BMI as well. 194 lbs. Gained two pounds. BMI 30. Lost 2%. Lean muscle mass gain of  +3. I measure in two weekends.

I found out, that is is very hard for me to adhere to a leaning out diet. My job gets in the ALOT! Suppose to eat three meals and to snacks. It is hard to do at work. I can eat my snack at the desk. Break time we only get 15 minutes, so eating lunch then is a pain in the you know what. Then snack one is late afternoon, and then dinner, later snack 2 is even later. Which I never make cause I fall asleep. I have alerts set. It is not working for me. Also the foods that do work for me I am suppose to eat very little of. Let me say it did affect me at the race. I was getting a sour stomach, and dry heaving.  This is not working for me. I am going to dial in what does work for me. So I do not get sour stomach again.

Fourth of July race went well. I shaved off five minutes. Even with sour stomach and such. I was getting that “WALL” feeling. I have not felt that in years. I am going to race this weekend down south.

I have been doing running drills, stability drills. doing my mobility work. I finally flipped tires. That was fun, but my arms broke out and I was itching. So I have to wear a long sleeve for that wit full gloves. I did step ups on a 20 inch box. My walls balls I went up to the green ball, I can not remember the weight of it. My squats are getting better. Oh Yeah, I am jumping rope. Not alot, no double unders, but I am Jumping rope, and my knees do not hurt!!!{Stability drills for running} Same ones my Coach Diane has taught me to do.

I have not been to the box in a week,{traveling out of town UF} But I did do all my stuff I do at home. Looked up Crossfit endurance{thanks coach jess}. I like it. It works for me since I work these 12 hours shifts.  I can do the Drills indoors, I have a dreadmill, and a bike spinner. I have a pull up bar that I can modify for me until I can do a pull up.


Looking forward. Tower of Terror is starting to look better. I am getting stronger, and faster. My knees do not hurt, and the sticking has stopped. I have been working hard on that.  It’s a night race. Got it, most of my running is in the evening anyway.

Now, I have another big race that has be presented to me. It is in Sept. Local, but it is a International Powerman Duathlon. 10k, 40 mile bike ride, then another 10k. I want to do this race. But I worry about the bike. I do not get in enough biking.  The race isn’t full but I will have to focus more on biking. Hmm.. I am not sure about this.

That’s it. All caught up.

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1 Response to Catch Up

  1. wdwalone says:

    Just catching up. My gosh, you’ve made so much progress it’ outstanding. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished the last few months and I’m sure there is so much more to come!!!!


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