Back to the daily grind.

I am looking forward to October.{16 weeks} As one of my friends so kindly put it. Sounds shorter that way.  Then two weeks later is Nationals in Arizona.  What I should have done this morning, got out of bed and gone over and done hills this morning.{vista view} I will have to do that later in the week.    Today is a 45 minute Tower run. I am going to try to get 4 miles in that time. Really going to push it. Get as close as I can.

I have made some improvements with the mobility stretching. The Couch stretch. When I first started to do that, I could not get my left leg up on the couch. I was that stift. This last week was week three, and I finally got my leg up on the couch. I have also been doing the flexion gapping. That is to improve knee pain, and and knee extension. Last one, gap and smash. It also helps with knee pain, terminal knee,tight calves, and ankle range of motion. It has not been easy. I also have been doing a posterior chain stretch. Let me say my squats are improving and I can move better. Check here at Mobility WOD. When they get in some floss, I can work on my knees more. Oh yes, before I forget, I roll my back, legs, and shoulders. I think I need to amp up my shoulder mobility. I didn’t do any this past weekend.

I have to work on my pull ups. I have to use the the super rubber bands x 2. My upper body is really weak. My shoulders are still sore from riding on Sunday. I know it will come. Just like the hand stand. I can’t hold myself up. Not yet..{i know I am not suppose to say can’t} 🙂  Hi Coach Kev!

I did not get in on the Glass Slipper challenge for 2014. It sold out before I could get home. Plus I want to register for the Dumbo Double Dare 2014 at Disneyland. I have Princess medals. No coast to coast, but plenty of Princess ones. Plus I have not been to DL yet. I know!! Insane right! Holy Cat,s if they really add and races to DW Paris!!

I have been looking into my age group for the races. I have to shave off 15 to 36 minutes to still place on the podium. I have been racing in my weight class. These women are fast. I have not been doing my running drills in front of the mirror lately either. Last week was a bad week for me. Hi Coach Di ! Plus I found a bike roller. I have been looking for one of these for a couple years. It will help with balance. Which I need. Bike roller seen here.

Sugar free now for four weeks!! Celebrate!

Have a great week!



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