I Am Still Here

Posting has been far and few in between.

Sometimes some things get cut when trying to do the right things to get and stay healthy.  Coming up on the yearly physical. Going to have my right knee looked at as well. When the muscles around the knee, get super tight they pull on it. Then I can not bend it until it loosens up. I do not want to worry about this with the training schedules about to begin next month.

Next month training for the Tower Of Terror 10 miler starts. I have to get a new interval timer. I can no longer see the  display. I will be starting at 2-1.  I will putting in  alot of time for this race. My goal is NOT to be in the last corral for marathon weekend in Jan for the Dopey. Which is the 5k, 10k half marathon, and the full marathon. All in a row.  My goal is to get the 10 miler time down to 2 hours. That’s cutting off nearly 44 minutes. Coach says it is very do able. cropped-l_4eeefaf8521d5ec369a1cd8f1beb56dc.jpg

Triathlon front. Well this weekend I am suppose to swim in the bay. I do not like the Bay. I just don’t. But if I want to get water time in I have too. Last week, I was able to swim in the open water on the beach and I did about a quarter mile. I was so excited!! I could not even get close to that last year.

Weight.. I have not weighed in since the first of the month. Wont’ know till my physical. Eating is good. I have gain control over my sugar craving. I found juicing certain recipes has helped me out alot. Even E is drinking them. I have NO desire to eat bread, or other junk foods. I am finding it easier to stay away. How?? I like how my insides feel and how much better I feel over all. E got all his labs back and they are All normal. His BP has come down too.  It has not been easy. But when you really decide that you are really ready for change and DO Not let anything get in your way, you do it. NO matter if your spouse still is on board. I did it, and I still do it. IMG_3544

I have been making it to the box twice a week.  I would like to get there three times a week. But sometimes life just will not allow it. My max lift weight is 45 lbs. Never in my life did I ever think I could get that much over my head. Pull ups. I have learned how to do them with bands. One of these days I will be able to do pull ups with out those bands. The Turkish get up. I am still trying to put it together{i am not coordinated} . I am working on jumping rope again. My knees would  not allow me to. I am getting better and gonna have to try it. Going to the crossfit has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I can crab crawl, I maybe slow, but I can do it!  This also has not been easy. But I am getting better. My arms give out on my alot. I get where I can not hold myself up. But I modify it and keep going.



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3 Responses to I Am Still Here

  1. J. Darling says:

    Nice! I LOVE my crossfit style training experience! The Turkish Get Up is FUN once you get the hang of it! 🙂 When weight training, worry less about the actual “weight” you see on the scale. You’re bundling dense, HEAVY stuff! The scale just tells you “weight” not “fat”. 😉
    I’m having a similiar issue coming up with my knees I think… though not as severe… it’s annoying. They feel “stiff” fairly often, and I’m careful getting up… Hang in there!


    • MaMaRae says:

      Thanks!! I haven’t been on the scale. I haven’t needed to since I can actually see the changes. I have a jaw line, I can see my collar bone. My pants fit loose.
      I enjoy going. I just worry when then muscles around my knee get tight, and I can’t bend my knee. It is annoying, but I still have to watch. I don’t need the braces anymore.


  2. wdwalone says:

    Look at you swimming in open water!!!


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