Packet Pick Up And Fast Weekend

This weekend went by so fast, and it was so much fun.

Saturday at the box it was fun. Warm up was drills. I was able to do the high knees. Which I have not been able to do at speed. Then we did all kinds of drills. Then we had to pair up and do as many as you can of four different moves. I had to modify a couple of mine.( Knees wont let me jump rope yet.) I was paired up with one of our coaches. Cool. So we had to do man makers 20, jump rope, step ups for me 20, chin ups 20, jump rope again 20, lunges 20. We went three rounds. I just could not go anymore. Mistake, not bringing electrolytes or post protein workout drink.

After that E and I went way down south to go get my packet for the race Sunday.

Then we had went to the Five Guys for lunch. Which the one we went to is the one that The Big Show goes to. He lives in the neighborhood behind it. But he didn’t come in when we were there.

Sunday down at Virginia Key, was beautiful. It was cool, not humidity that morning.

As you can see the water was calm. No I did the duathlon.

For some reason the duathlon started 25 minutes late. I was getting nervous, cause the road closed at 8:15. We didn’t get to start till 7:25. So we had to be in loop two so we wouldn’t get swept. I have never been swept, or picked up in any race I have been in. I maybe slow, but I wasn’t getting swept.
The run part for me was all trail run. Which was nice, but I could have wore trail shoes if I knew this. Mine were not made for off road running. I ran with my timer. Came into T1, grab my helmet and ft walked out with my bike to where we could mount.

I did not look at the map very well for the bike, but I knew there was turn arounds. They were so sharpe, I had to put my foot down to get around. Gee, we had a few more to do then repeat. I was pushing hard on the bike.

By the time I got back to transition and dismounted from my bike I had super heavy legs. I could run at that moment.
Racked my bike grab my water belt. I for got to put my water container in my belt!! So I sat the fighting with that instead of getting out of T2.
The 5k part was again off road, nice beautiful trail run. Had my interval timer and I forced my legs to run. They were so heavy. I made them run. We went into the trails and different parts of the park. We went through a car show that was going on. Made a turn around headed back and the beach view was beautiful. Then we turned toward the beach. And went out on the beach. I haven’t ran in beach sand. The sand you have to walk through to get to the water. That was tough, but the view was amazing. By the time we loop back in the trail I had about fifty pounds of sand in each shoe.
Back in the trail under the trees, and we had to round this one corner. There was a nasty dead bird. You didn’t smell it, until after you headed away from it. I heard people behind me gagging from the smell. It was nasty.
We were getting ready to come from out of the trail and back in to the park where the finish line was. You can hear people cheering and the music. I was getting excited, so I walked when I was suppose to be running. I wanted to run the rest of the way in. The cool part. I was able to run the rest of the way in without fail. (Very proud of self)

My Coach she is awesome. Every time she past me she was cheering and yelling. She past me twice on the run.
I grabbed a water, some watermelon. Headed to the boards to see my time. Here it is

I was second. Wait.. What?! Second.. Yep. The other person in my division beat me by a half of a second. I don’t remember seeing her. Half a second. If I did mess with my bottle in transition and walked out with it I would have not lost that.

Here we are. Getting out medals. This chick doesn’t even look like she belonged in my division. You have to be 190+. I offered to shake her hand and say nice race, and she wouldn’t even look at me.
That’s ok. I had a blast, know what I won’t do at the next race. Memorial weekend .


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