Up To Speed

It has been a while since my last post. So I have some updating to do.

Last week was our trip to Virginia. I was an emotional trip. But we still had fun. Man has the kids grown ! They raised a total of $7100 in Little guys name. It was awesome to see the community to come together and celebrate life. It was cool out ,and made for a nice 5k.


My huge concern was that I was missing out on important exercises from the Box. I took my pvc pole to do my shoulder mobility.Some stretches I was taught to do for mobility. I did not measure last week since we were out of town. No weighing in last week either. Not suppose to weigh in. Not suppose to look at the scale, per my coaches. That has been hard to do. I lost a half inch on my waist, arms 5/8 of an inch. and my neck 1/4 inch. My thigh has not moved. {coach said they won’t}

Today I was canceled form work. Got the day off . Want to know what I ended up doing today instead of running around? I ended up sleeping. I know I needed it. I even missed going to the box today for it. I have been reading ,and hearing if you can sleep versus working out. Sleep. So I did.


Food has been good. I have already started meal planning for next week. Now I have to go get what we need. I have my juices picked out, so does E and my am smoothies.  The hard part is cutting out the rest of the sugar. I had a bad craving day and I did not have any coconut manna to snack on. I had the shakes from it. I was feeling bad. {trying to get the tsp of sugar out of my coffee.} Then the next day was better. I made sure I had my coconut manna , and a couple dates.  While we were driving home on Monday. We had to stop to get out of the car. Out of habit I bought a bag of chips. Yep. I never ate them. I realized I bought them to snack on. They sat next to the raw nut mix and my jerky. I never touched them. I did it out of shear habit. I still have the bag. It is clear I do not want them.


I went to the box on Wednesday. At that point it has been a week since I have been. Not clear what the days WOD would be. I learned how to do the Turkish kettle bell get ups. Coach Kyle started the warm up and took me aside to teach me how to do this. It was hard. My right arm is so much weaker than my left. Coach took my kettle bell away and gave me a 10 pound weight, cause I could not keep my arm straight or over my head.


Then the skill was hand stand with tuck and roll. Coach shown how to modified it, if you can not do the hand stand yet.{i Will get to doing one soon} So I had to tuck up in a ball, and roll over with my chin tuck to my chest. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to get down in a ball like that, but I did. I was so proud of myself. I have done one of those in ten years. So that means my mobility is starting to improve. 🙂 4 weeks. I love that I am making small progress. 🙂 We had to do knees to elbows, I tried to do them. I could not hold myself up by that point. It was in the exercise, so I did knees to elbows on the floor and wall balls and we had to lift, but I just cant remember the name I had twenty five pounds,and we had to run 200 yards. I did it three times and had started my fourth. I do not care that I am not at the level of the rest and I am slow, but I show up and I do it!!

I will go tomorrow and then I have to go pick up my race packet for Sunday. Busy day tomorrow.


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