I Will Not Do That Again

This week has been off.
Work has been driving me crazy. Specially those who insist on trying to feed me junk food.
I did a WOD on Friday. It was intense. All body weight. The coach was awesome. He broke it all down for me to do. Modified hand stand push ups. He wouldn’t let me do the pistons. Which is a one leg squat. So I ended up doing squats with 15 lbs. Then I used the rings to do pulls ups, which were modfield for the rope climb. Then we had a three minute rest, and then we had chin ups. Which he had to modify down and then more squats and push ups. Anyway. I did them . My arms were jelly. I had to wait a few minutes so I could get home. I knew I had tri training on Saturday.
I didn’t get in the water. I really do not like the bay. It smells. We did a one mile time trial. I was sore, lungs were freaking out cause of how humid it was.(that’s with inhaler) I did the mile in 13:36-13:40. Great!! I was 15:30 last time. Then I made the decision to ride. Well I rode only six miles. That is all my body would let me do. My arms were sore already. But after riding what little I did. Holy Cats!! My forearms have been sore as hell. I can’t extend my arms all the way out. I could hardly write or type yesterday. Today I am a bit better. Lots of ice and using the roller stick.
So tomorrow I am going to go and see what I can do to loosen up. If not, I will not be doing much upper body until my upper body is not so sore. I think I know how a T. rex feels. I can’t reach out for things. Gee, I am used to having this kind of soreness in my legs. What a difference it makes when it’s in your arms. Let me say, I will not make that mistake twice. Nor will I workout like that before a race. Aka we have a 5k this weekend with the family in Virginia. Can’t wait to go!! It’s been way to long.
Then I have a duathlon the next weekend. So no workout 24-48 hours before any type of race. E laughed and said it will take longer for my upper body to catch up. Since I never really use it like this. When I mean upper body, I mean upper back, chest, arms and whatever others muscles I can’t even spell. Lol 🙂
I did have a gain this week 2 lbs. I say it is due to no meal planning. Since everyone leaves it all up to me. And the workouts are a bit more intense. So I feel like I am bloated.
Cleaned out the closet. And I got rid of a lot of stuff I can not wear anymore. The scale doesn’t show it but my clothes do.


I am going to a run tomorrow in support of the Boston marathon runners and their families. Going to donate my time and help raise a little money for all those who may never run again. The families of those who did not make it. That’s all I have to say about this matter. Because what I believe, is not the same as what we are being fed.


So I am going to take my T. rex arms and try to sleep. Lol

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