I Was 18

I did my last beginner class on Friday. Kettle bells, modified box jumps,and wall balls. The box jump was 2 forty five pound plates. The box is 20 inches. I have a long way to go. I did 65 of of each. Let me say that sitting was hard to do, and if the chair was to short ,I was not sitting in it. Today, I am stiff  I think I am going to pass on class today and do a run and swim later.

It looks like we are going on a road trip. No not to Disney.{i wish} Nice little road trip. It will be fun as usual. I will post pictures.

Today I am going to do some meal prepping and get ready for next week. Most of my work days are in the beginning of the week. Figure out what smoothies I want this week. Make them and freeze them. I have learned you can not freeze the juice. It does not taste as good. I have been making juice for inflammation, since I have been so sore lately. Juicing fresh ginger and lemon is also good for that. Love it.

Weigh in I am -2.0. I have just a pound to go to get rid of that 4 lbs gain I had. The numbers will continue to be slow to roll off, cause I am building muscle as well. Which I am already use to. They coaches there do not like you to weigh in. No need to if you are eating clean. It is apart of their philosophy. I will get there to getting off the scale.

I have been going through my clothes. There is alot of stuff I am getting rid of. I can not wear it,do to it being to big. So out it goes.  Can you believe I am getting rid of socks? They’re really to big. My uniforms, shorts, shirts, under garments, my favorite lounge around the house stuff. E said, you will have to get new stuff. Even some of my favorite wrestling shirts. They look like dresses! So E will be getting my wrestling shirts. Specially the ones that I had to get big to wear my back brace under. I went from a 18 pants size to a 14 pants size since December of 2012. { i will post pictures at a later date.}

Have an awesome Sunday!

2013-03-31 001 1178

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1 Response to I Was 18

  1. J. Darling says:

    That’s exciting stuff! I’m the same way. Since I’ve been doing crossfit style training, I haven’t budged on the scale, other than a small creep UP! It freaked me out a little bit, but I remember that I’m building MUSCLE! So, although the scale isn’t showing it, my clothes are, and my body is reshaping itself. I’m considering using the Ribbon Method instead, but, well, I’m a woman, and I have hormones that enjoying swinging on me – so it’s not unusual for me to bloat from time to time. I’m considering monthly weigh ins. My Sailor is getting lean and mean as well! He’s actually about 20lbs less than ME Right now, but that’s okay. I can almost outrun him! 😉


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