The Hunt For Change..

Happy Easter everyone.

2013-03-30 001 1660

As you can see my blog has been changing. Like me, I am changing. So while the change is going on so is my blog.

I added a new page listed above and it is About Little Guy. All About Aiden. This is where you can find the link to help us raise money in his name for ASK. If you can head over and give a hand.  If you do please let me know.

Weigh in this week was not so good. But it was expected since since we ladies go through this every month. +4. Food has been good. Other than I has slacked a little with my juices. Which I can see and feel the difference from not drinking and making them.

2013-03-30 001 1661

I did my first duathlon yesterday. It was nice and cool in the morning too. I had on problem in the bike. My left leg was falling asleep in lap 2. Gee, that never has happen in practice rides. That was kinda scary. I stretched my leg out while riding and it did slow me down. It was still tingling and heavy feeling in part of the run.  I finished.  I didn’t think much of my time until a little later. I was in the Athena. I was watching one of my teammates on their run. She was awesome, and walked the whole thing. I made sure I was cheering her when she came by. So we went to check. I saw my name and it had a 1 next to it and it said 1:25. WHAT!! So I walked a bit closer to it and looked again. 1:25. E is says I am first and I beat my old time by 5 minutes!! Holy Cats!!!  I was floored. I had t go get the print out just so I could see it.

2013-03-30 001 1662

WOW!!  Then I was first place!! I do not know what happen to the other person I was in class with, but AWESOME!!   So I went back out to see my other Teammate come in. While awards were going on, three of us went out and walked back in with her. That’s me.. That’s what I do. She was the one in so when it was time for her to come in, I made damn sure they all knew it. I was yelling clapping ,whistling and got everyone”s attention. Later she told me thanks. I said no problem. We truly know what is is like to be the last ones in. E told her about 2010 marathon. 🙂 Those who know me I will be right there!

2013-03-30 001 1664That’s me on the podium making a face at my coach and her husband.  That was the first time I had felt like was apart of the group. I got high fives and you can do this out on the run. It was awesome. Just like in Jan. with our group.

SO tomorrow, I am going for a eval for crossfit. Yep.. Change it up try something a bit different. I meant it. Under construction like my header says.

No races next month, other than the half marathon. I am on the fence out that. I think I am going to pass on it and work my butt off for the next race. I do not think I an be in the athena much longer. 🙂

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