Phase Two

Good great morning.

Weigh in,-.2 I will take it.
Finished week four of my exercise plan. That also ends phase 1. Tomorrow before crack of dawn I will start week five ,phase two.
So I sent out reminders for spring ahead. Well.. My smart self forgot to set the clock ahead and got up an hour late for the group ride!!! Ha ha. What can I I will go to the gym later and get a hill exercises ride in. Can’t go to bricks Monday got to work. Ugh…

The Boog helping put the speedometer on the bike, grease the chain,and what not. Since I missed this morning, I will go get new tread for the tires I need badly.
Last update we got about Little Guy, he is recovering good. May get to go home. Later next week, is when chemo will start. 😦 just to be able to hug everyone and Little Guy would help ease the emotional roller coaster we all are on since we are not there. I asked the Chaplin at my work if they can add Little Guy the prayer service they do. She said they will.
I have to go and get some new uniforms. My current ones do not fit. They have out grown me. My shorts, and shirts all have out grown me. Amazing.even though the scale is not reflecting it, I can see it in the measurements.
Well, meal planning,juicing,and smoothie making needs to be done for the new work week. Make it and freeze it. Makes life easier during the week. Crazy thing, I crave a hamburger . Yep every day I make one, or a double for lunch. No wheat bread. Grass fed beef is yummy. It’s on sale at Publix here.

I love this bread. Wheat free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free. Low carbs ..good stuff.

Well got to get moving and meal planning. Have a great Sunday.

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