Way To Long

I didn’t realize it has been nearly a month since I have posted.

Weight, I have been bouncing around with 3 lbs. up, down, up, loose nothing. I really want to move forward on this.
Food,going good. As of last week, I have stopped eating wheat. Since I have stopped,I am not so bloated. This will be week two without any type of wheat. I juice my veggies, I have a fresh smoothie once a day and I make my snacks. I made the switch to coconut oil. Love it.we did that a long while back.

Exercise, I have been doing my daily video. Last week I had to stop. I was having pain in my right knee and quads. So this week I repeated week 4. My quads would get so tight it was pulling on my knee and knee cap. I got a new speedometer for my bike. Cleaned it up. I have to get new tread for my tires. I get to ride it this weekend. 🙂 I have been doing run intervals. I have up the run interval to a minute ten seconds. I have been putting in 22 miles a week, except this week. Due to my work schedule. Now I am out of it I can get back to it.
I plan on a duathlon at the end of this month. It is the Easter Egg triathlon/ duathlon. It is the opener for the season. Next month I plan on the Walgreens half at the Sun Life Stadium. There isn’t any triathlons in April but a half down south that has two major causeways in it. Not sure if I want to do them.
This last week has been a rough one. It ranks up there with my injury I had. By the way I have been injury free now a year next month. :). Any way, my entire family is going through a rough time. E’s nephew,little guy is fighting a battle. It is playing on our emotions that we can not be there. He had a cancerous tumor, it was removed. Now Little Guy has to go through chemo and radiation .:(
Not sure when Little Guy has to start, but we just want to be there. I had to sit at work waiting to hear what was going on. Do you know how hard that is to do?? I now know. The ironic thing is my floor where I work is now part oncology. I never realized how many people have cancer. We don’t don’t have peds. It is hard to watch people get admitted,and go through what have have to do. A lot get to go home,a lot do not go home with their families. I have a lot of respect for the oncology nurses.
Team Little Guy…it angers me me he got picked for this. I am angered we can’t be there.i am sad he has to go through this. It is not fair. I am saying prayers. Life will win.
It’s finally the weekend. I am gonna play hard this weekend. Weigh in tomorrow.

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1 Response to Way To Long

  1. Your post today is so relevant to me. I’ve thrown myself into training because my dad’s cancer just exploded. We got got more time than we thought (11 months) and still have some left, but he can’t do chemo because he can’t keep the weight on, despite eating like a horse. The cancer is just usng the fuel to grow, so he’s choosing hospice…I know how tired he is of the fight. It just ticks me off. It truly is the plague of our lifetime.


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