I Am Proud To Be Sore

Little late.
This week has been an experience. I made it a whole week getting up at 4:30a to do my video before work. I am so proud of my self. Food has been off. Not making my intake numbers. They were all over the place. Weigh in was +3. We all think it is due to being sore and hanging on to the lactic acid build up.
We shopped and did nothing but plan out our week. Making pancakes for early morning breakfast, smoothies for mid morning snack. Lunch, then dinner meal plan. We all sit down and create it. I also have been making raw cookie dough for that sweet. Keep them in the freezer. They’re awesome. I have almonds and other nuts planned out for the mid afternoon snack. It also helps with that early morning drag. 🙂
I am still worried about my foot. I am worried I could make it worse if I do the race. But I want to do the race. Ugh.. Riding my bike made my foot hurt. All I know is that I went 30 minutes and do not know how far I went. My speedo isn’t working. Suppose to ride 60 minutes today,so I am going to spin. See how it does. Base my decision off of that, and I will finally get to go to group tomorrow and talk to my coach.
I have made a decision also to go back to school. I plan on looking to do that after my kiddo graduates. I want to get my EMT and work in the ER. I need to do something new. Those few times I worked in the ER, I really liked it.
Alright..lets make this a good week. If you are just a reader, take a walk. Try to eat something you have not had before, or try not eating out for a week and eliminate one box food. You will be surprised how your body will respond to it I was, and I still am.

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2 Responses to I Am Proud To Be Sore

  1. wdwalone says:

    Take care of that foot so it doesn’t sideline you. Great job getting up and getting the workouts in.


  2. ichoosetotri says:

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully that foot will improve quickly.


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