Good Stuff Yet To Come..

Ankle update.
Still swelling. No pain,or bruising. Try to stay off of it as much as possible. Twelve hour shifts its hard too. I haven’t done a lot in running. Today I plan on it and see how it does. Ice it and elevate it.
Cold update.
Still got this darn cough. It just refuses to go away.

Tomorrow I start doing the body revolution 90 day program. It’s a thirty minute video. Three phases. Week one and two use work out one and two. Plus a cardio day. One day off. So here is what my week will look like.
Friday: swim 30, BR
Saturday: weigh in, work, BR ,run 90
Sunday: bike 60, no BR
Monday: BR, Central Park with group.
Tuesday: work, BR, swim 30, run 45
Wednesday: work, bike 60,BR
Thursday: run 50, BR
Friday: work,swim 30, BR
So I also will be counting calories. Which I have been doing, but I will have to be more consistent with getting my numbers in. I have been having a hard time making my calorie in numbers. I know to get to my goal, I have to make those damn numbers.
I have been using my body bug for my calorie counting, burn, and steps. I have to educate the program. It’s not big on raw foods, or lactose free, or gluten free stuff. The one thing I am not changing is my splurge day.
There are going to be days I am not going to want to do this. I will throw a fit. Whine..bitch…but I will do it.
I have to start getting ready for a sprint triathlon. When my coach picks one I want to be ready. Just like I was able to face the fear of the 42.4 miles and I just did it. I have my Goofy medal and the rest of them right here in my face. Remind me why I train. I also have the one to the race I got hurt in.
That is to remind me why I must train.
I am looking out long term, maybe Miami man.
Alright… End this awesome start to the year.. To move forward on to bigger and better things to come!!!


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1 Response to Good Stuff Yet To Come..

  1. Wdwalone says:

    Keep up the momentum. You know you can do anything!


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