Corral H…24 To Go…

Another week has past quickly.

Not a lot of miles logged this week. Only 8. Circuit training twice. I have no excuses. Work, and getting my kid to all these doctors apts. is wearing down. But all I can do is try to do better the next day.
Weigh in yesterday was -.9 lbs. back to the number to the right of the screen. I ate less bread this week. So, I am going to try real hard to get my numbers on target this week. Keep to my training plan. Looking to maybe take a step into new numbers this week.
I was able to train with the group yesterday. That was awesome. I finally got to hear Coach Diane to tell her story at Kona. How the Queen K, almost defeated her, and she dug deep to keep going. She also found out she is on the Kona 2012 DVD. They show her finish. That is exciting!! To see everyone and see a lot of new faces was great. The park we all met up at is a huge big hill. For me, I was unable to run any of it, except going down the incline. But my pace was, much faster. So now I have somewhere to go to get hill incline repeats in. I plan on trying to meet with them again on Tuesday evening. I can’t on Monday got to work.
Friday, I found out my corral placement for marathon weekend. I am in the last corral.Corral H. I am gonna take my time in from the Tower of Terror with me to the expo and try to get out of the last corral. That makes me nervous . I have got only a five minute window built up between me and the sweepers now. I would like to make it a little bigger. I am hoping training at the park will help too. I was thinking of interval running the half, so I do not have to work so hard during the full. If that makes any since.
I am not getting in long miles today. We went to watch some local wrestling and got home late, and I was not prepared fuel wise. I forgot to go get some. So I will put in a half of the total miles I was suppose to do today. 10 miles.
We picked up a small microwave to take with us. I have to be able to warm up my oatmeal, and coffee at 3am. Race starts at 5:30a and it says in the race guide be there an hour early. So if I eat my oatmeal, take a snack with me to have before the race, my pre race drink I love from vega. I should be good. I have also got it figured out I will need a gel every five miles. So for the half, I will need two or three. For the full five or six. E is gonna be at all the hot spots for seeing me. I will need him there for changing out fuel bottles and what not. And it helps when you can see a face you know. It will be weird not having my running buddy with me. E or my kid, and my Disney buddy. But I know I will be seeing them at the viewing areas and it will give me something to look forward to.

I feel confident enough I am gonna finish. As long as my knee behaves.

Meal planning day, and a lot of stuff to get done today. Have a great Sunday!


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2 Responses to Corral H…24 To Go…

  1. Chris says:

    Rae – your passion and energy are contagious! Thanks for helping to keep me afloat with your support lately 🙂


  2. wdwalone says:

    Just getting caught up. You’re going to do great and finish the races in style. Your grit will get you through and all your base miles are going to make a huge difference!


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