37 To Go..

Happy Tuesday!
Today I start back my miles. It was pouring this morning so I will wait till later to put them in. Besides all the decorated homes are really entertaining to look at. Today I started level two of the thirty day shred. Circuit style training. My major weakness is my arms. I knew this. But doing this has shown me why my arms start to hurt when I was riding my bike over 10 miles.
I didn’t make it to try on compression pants or cold weather clothes. I need to so I can get them. I just really do not want to wear sweats again. I went out and restocked for fuel, and recovery.

I am still wondering what the Big surprise is going to be at mile 20 in the ESPN WWOS. Grant it, I will most likely not get to see what is being slower. I haven’t got any race info. Yet. Gosh.. 37 more days.

I can’t wait to have these round my neck!! I already know the feeling when you know your finally getting into Epcot, and you have to go into the park make the U turn, to head back to the finish line. That is when I have to really gain control of my emotions. Then you see that almighty 26 mile sign, hear the crowd, knowing you just got to get around the turn, then there it is… That Great Big FINISH line.. The coolness factor, is you are being cheered by the characters, get a high five, a hug, or they will even run in with you!!! I just can’t wait!!

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3 Responses to 37 To Go..

  1. Can’t wait to try that myself! 🙂


  2. Richard says:

    Wow! That is getting close! I’m sorry I’m going to miss this one. I’m just hoping to be healthy enough to start running again by January. Have a great race!!!


  3. Chris says:

    It’ll be here before ya know it. keep up good work!


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