Bad Training Day

Yesterday was a bad day of miles. My goal was to add another mile to my long. I never even got close. Sigh…
Got up at 4 am. Weighed in. +1. Really ? Not sure how that happen since I burned over 4,000+ calories last week. Any way, got all my stuff together. I had oatmeal with peanut butter, sprinkled some hemp seeds on it. My pre race meal. Only thing missing was my banana. Headed out the door. My left knee brace was making my knee cap pop. I had to do some adjusting. Still not quite right, took it off and put it back on. There much better. So I thought. Now I am five minutes behind. At 5am on a Saturday you would think traffic would be next to nothing. Nope, not here it was like a week day.
And my first loop, each loop is 4 miles I was getting farther behind. My left knee still wanted to bug me. My mix for fuel was even off. By mile 10 third loop. I was in a lot of pain way off my pace. My hands swelled up. I am not sure what I was doing wrong this trip out but I was paying for it. I came into the neighborhood trying to get away from the madness of the traffic and dumb things drivers do. So I thought I would try to push through to make it to 14 miles. Nope. The body was not gonna do it. I walked slowly back to my house. I thought I was gonna have to call E to come get me. But I made it. My body was done.
I felt really bad for a while. I had to ice the knees,but that is a normal for me. I look back and I can see that I just wasn’t prepared enough. I have to go get my pre race drink, and recovery today. Today is ok, much better than the day before. So today is a total rest day. No circuit training. Meal plan for the week.
So I made it just barely over 13 miles yesterday. 40 miles for the week.
So what do you do when you have a bad day of training miles? How do you recover and keep it from happening again?


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2 Responses to Bad Training Day

  1. BikeWar says:

    Yeah, I hate seeing that +1 too after an intense week, like what??? The usual culprit is my diet; sometimes a big mileage numbers make my brain to think I can indulge a little bit more. I reminid myself with post it notes like, “fruit instead of sweets today.”


  2. Lorraine says:

    After a bad training experience, I work on what I can correct and focus on letting everything else go. If I dwell on it, I’ll probably repeat it. I try to just be thankful it wasn’t a bad race and keep moving forward. 13 miles is pretty awesome:)


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