Getting Through The Week

This has been a rough week for me. I am greatful for the the weekend off with the family. I did get in my 27 miles for the week. I have to do my long miles tomorrow. Gives me a extra day to recover before I go back to work.
Work has been tough. We have been slamming busy. Had to rearrange my week to get my kid to the Doctor earlier than expected. Then we have to see another specialist next week. Sigh… I have not got in my circuit training work out this week. I have been running out of time. I give myself till 10:30p to get to bed. It does make a difference in my performance. Couple days we have not been making that. So I have to not do a few things to make up the difference. I can tell I have not done it this week.
Food I have been doing good. I didn’t realize we ran out of the early morning breakfast. Ugh.. So I had to cook every morning this week. So I have to cook a little extra to have the extra. Almond pancakes. Amazing stuff. It has replaced the waffles we use to buy for the morning breakfast. I am finding myself to be hungry more often. So I have to add in a bit more protein .
Today marks three months clean of refined sugar and corn syrup.(GMO’S) I have to say I can tell the difference in my body. I am not bloated. I am feeling better.
I am getting excited that we are down to prime training this month. I have to really crank up the hard work and dedication to get through the Goofy. I know the road ahead is gonna be hard, and I am not gonna always want to get out there. I may have to recruit one of my Disney running buddies for helping me get out the door,or get the 20 minute circuit training done. My goal is to get to 180-185 lbs. nothing lower until after the race. ( already buying new clothes and gear for this)
What do I plan on doing after this?? Maybe catch up with the group and do the A1A half next year, and hit training hard for triathlon season. Finally get one in. It will also depend on my work schedule and the kid.
Have a great weekend!!


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1 Response to Getting Through The Week

  1. Chris says:

    Sounds like thinks are going pretty well on your end. Keep up the good work! November has been good to me, been one of the top training months I’ve had since I started this whole deal. Of course, it’s much easier for me in that I’m not Goofy this year :-). But I think a marathon PR might be within grasp. Here’s to hoping! You asked about the ADR’s, I’ll send them via mail once I get the laptop fired up.


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