Hurts So Good..

Good Tuesday morning.
Monday was manic busy. I guess we had a special running. Because of the holiday, I believe lots of abdominal pain, and other ailments. Sore as I was, I felt better running up and down the hallways than I did sitting in my chair at the desk.
I took Monday off from any type of exercise. I gave my legs a chance to heal. I didn’t even do my circuit workout. I plan on doing here shortly. I will live by the roller. Hurts so good. I love it.
Saturday I did 6 miles. My fast ever. 1:24. Sunday I did 15 miles. That is half of the Goofy in Jan.13. (21) . With this I learned that my legs are amazing. I didn’t think I could get any sore than I was working with the tri group. Let me say, Sunday I was sore. I could barely shuffle around the house. So, does that tell me how I will feel after the races in Jan.? Or can I put in more time and slow it down?
I had a lot of equipment problems. My long distance fuel belt failed. I lost all of my fuel bottles by the time I got to my stop sign. I had to pick them up go back to the house, and get my short distance belt. It broke half way through the miles. I was also trying out the Jeff Galloway simple sugar fueling. I have to say it worked to a point. One life saver per so many minutes or miles. What I did notice was my hands didn’t swell, I didn’t drink as much water as I usually do, and felt hungry after putting in the miles. Normally I am not hungry. I was able to do my recovery shake, and eat. I think I would have done even better if I could have carried another form of fuel on me. So I am gonna tweak my fueling a bit. Get new fuel belts, and restock on fuel and recovery.
When we trained for the marathon back in 2010 I had tons of issues training, but the race was awesome for me. E had a less than desired race. I was able to use my new gloves. They worked great. It was 57 degrees when I got out the door. My thermal cap was great. All light weight running clothes. Now I just have to get the pants and a top. With it being so cool here down south of Disney, I have been planning for another cold race. Then on the other end, I am planning on a summer like weekend as well.
Oh yeah, I had shoe problems. My right foot. It felt like I was getting a bunched up sock under my foot. I stopped and checked. Nope. Nothing in my shoe either. By the time I got in all the miles I thought I had a blister the size of my foot. But nothing. Just pain. Weird. In all my years I have never had problems. So today’s 6 miles, I will wear my older shoes. Any suggestions would be great.
Meal planning today. I am planning to add in a sweet snack. Looking for a juice recipe to help. All the junk food everyone brings in and the family members of the patients bring gifts of food. I know it is not clean food, and it is wheat based. I have to stay away from it. So I will be planning clean snack food, work one into my numbers. Since I have stayed away from sweets and wheat, I don’t get bloated,or feel blah. All my hard work is not worth the junk.
Here is a recipe I use for a sweet. Freeze a banana. Cut it up, 2 tbsp of a raw nut butter. Blend in a food processor or a small mixer. It makes a yummy frozen treat. 6 points by WW. You only have to count the nut butter. 😊
Have a great day!

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