What a Week

It feels like it has been years since my last post.

Tower Terror kicked my butt. My right knee was already misbehaving. I did finish the race. 2:41. My knee locked up at mile 8 made it truly hard to walk, but I managed. I had to ice my knee and I was shuffling to walk but I didn’t care cause I finished!

Yes the course was a bit boring at times, but I enjoyed myself cause I haven’t raced in a year. I have alot of miles to put in yet. I am not quite ready for a 13.1 let alone Goofy. There was alot of newbies out there. So much so they clogged up the water stations. Stop right in front of you.

I started the race with Amanda. We were in corral D. The cool part of this start was that we were in the front, with the ribbon!! We got to start the race!! Awesome. We got separated by a large crowd. I could not see Amanda any more and I just went on.

It took me a week to heal up. Man.. But I had a blast. MK is looking different. Circus Town is neat. The new Dumbo is fun. It was super humid but still we had a blast.

What I learned from the race. Do not wear running shorts that are to big!!! The legs were coming up and the waist was falling. I ended up with rub marks all over me. I may need to get different shoes. Not sure yet. More core work.

Last weigh in was -.4 Already put in 4.25 miles this week. I have to get at least 6 today. Eating has been good, I had one bad day. But I will be ok.

My coach is off to Kona. The race is Saturday and you can watch it on the Ironman web site. I will be looking for her.

In all my daughter slipped and fell and has a shattered ankle and a hair line fracture. She is in a cast. Today is her first day back to school. I don’t have alot of faith with the school,with the way they treated her this morning. I will find out from her when she calls me at her lunch. No walking on it or pressure. The doctor even put the cast on where she can’t walk on it. She has a wheel chair so she won’t fall but we will see.

Happy training and have a great week!!

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