Remembering…Moving Forward

Today we remember so we will not Forget those brave men and women. All those lives lost. Never Forget..

Well let’s see, weigh in last week was good. I am down another -.90, E is down  -3.5. I am just shy of being back to my weight before I was injured.

Sunday was a group ride. I made it to 19.51 miles. My lungs are playing a big role in why I am not going farther. I am finding that I am getting tightness in my lower lobes, the bottom of the lungs. Either I need more cardio, or I need to go see my asthma doctor and let him know. That is going to play a huge role in my race coming up. Then yesterday we rode in the park. I got in another 14.39 miles. We got stopped short due to the weather. We were to do some running. The lightening was fierce. Today my calves are sore. I got up this am with the intent on doing my 9 miles, trying to get it in the 2 hour mark I was told I need to do to be on track for Jan. I was also told not to run any part of the Goofy. Build my endurance, and speed in walking. I was told also to rest and wear my compression socks the entire time. Including the Tower of Terror. { I can interval the Tower}

I have my first one piece triathlon  suit. My coach had to take them all back. The zippers are a mess. I am planning on wearing that for the Tower.

I will not be doing my first triathlon until Dec. in Key West. Why? My coach thinks that it will be more of a positive experience for me than in a lake.  I asked her will I need a wetsuit. She said no, it wasn’t wet suit legal last year. My shorty suit is to big for me. Plus, I can’t wear the triathlon ones. I am allergic to them.  I am thinking about doing the duathlon next month and see how I do. It’s been a year since I have done any racing.



Have a Great Week!



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2 Responses to Remembering…Moving Forward

  1. J. Darling says:

    I hear swimming can really help w/ increasing lung function/compacity


  2. wdwalone says:

    No running for the Goofy. Sure you can walk the whole thing, but I have to tell you that it’s tough to do that. The full is a long walk and depending on how you train your joints may not like all walking. Just something to consider as you’re training.


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