Moving Right Along…

Hello September!! September is off to a good start for me. Weigh in this morning was -2.2. Nice, I truly put in the effort and it has paid off.

The Back Side of water! Love this ride!

August review. 33.92 miles ,bike only 16.6,swim 0. Weight loss 2.4 for the month. Started interval running. E had a bad spell. Things are better.

I am so ready for the Tower. I have my pins ready, we have the park bag out. Yes we are packing and it’s only a weekend trip. 🙂 I did get news of my time for marathon weekend. I am off!! Thursday to Thursday. E wants to spend it all there. I am so ready. My goal is to finish and remember the last 2 miles,lol. And ride the Tower Of Terror all stinky!! I didn’t get to do that in 07′.  Also not leave in  a wheelchair. lol

Group training today was good.  I didn’t get in the water. I really need to work on the mental side of this. I know I can Swim. I know I won’t drown.  Plan is Sprint triathlon in October. I interval ran today. I was just shy of making it to Biscayne Blvd. 3.60 miles. My body gave out on me. It was nasty hot. I just haven’t got my fuel mix right yet.Today’s bike miles was 11.40. I had to stop and go in and air up my rear tire.It was wet today and I wasn’t wanting to eat pavement. I have to say I am not super sore either. Tomorrow is biking. I want to get in 20 miles.

Oh yeah I said I was making the decision about what race I was doing in Jan. 13. I am Goofy all the way. I found on Amazon runners light thermal under clothes to wear if it is cold. I have gloves and two hats.

Oh yeah.. next month it will be a year since I had injured my back!!!  Wow!

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2 Responses to Moving Right Along…

  1. Chris says:

    Goof it up! Tri in October? Ahh, the joys of Florida weather. Of course…you get to deal with countless months of insane humidity… 🙂


  2. wdwalone says:

    Go Goofy – we are going to have agreat group in Jan!!!!!


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