Catching Up..

It’s been a while. So this maybe a little long. Alot has happen.

This month started out with E getting sick. So sick he was admitted to the hospital. What happen? Well we all know E hasn’t been running due to his left foot issues. He agervated it so bad, he had a fever couldn’t walk. At first all test were pointing at a septic hip joint. But there was no trauma to it. There was fluid on the joint. And his left leg was 3 times it’s normal size. So he was admitted. More test. They had a Ortho doctor come seem him. He sat down and listen to what E said happened. The Doctor walked over and pushed on the spot on his leg where the pain starts at. It looked like E was gonna come right out of the bed. Well he has a calcified place on a part of the hip that is rubbing on the tendon that goes vertical,across  the IT Band. It was inflamed. So much so It inflamed the IT Band. Had a fever going and they said it was so bad he was getting sick.  No surgery was needed, Thank goodness. He had to rest the last two weeks and walk, walk, walk. Nothing to do with with type walking. We did. Took my cousin and her kids to the Keys. They never been there.

So E starts PT, three times a week,  try to improve this limp he now has, and maybe try to align the left hip. The Ortho. Doctor is a runner. So he would like to see E back out there. And it will be doable, but not for a while.

For me. I wasn’t sleeping,eating. I was stressing out. I had a bad training day earlier in the week and I knew it. I had a bad swim. Couldn’t get my head in it. That was the first day E was getting ill. Since then I have not done any training with the group. Nothing. Just work. So I am now two weeks behind. And I just can’t catch up with the group. Today they are racing. So no brick on Monday. I won’t make swimming either. Work. Yesterday Kiddo decided she wants to do the marathon at Disney Why? Look at the new medal. It has to important dates on it that impact her life. So we took over and got her fitted to running shoes. I picked up the interval timer,per Galloway training and we used it. 3 miles in 42 minutes. I shaved off 2 minutes. Pretty good since I haven’t done anything.

I am giving her till the end of the month to make sure this is what she wants to do. 26.2 miles, dedication and tons of hard work. She said ok let’s do it. So far we are. {school starts back Monday}

Weigh in for last week -2.2. Today we started back with WW. Not online, we are going back to the meetings. That’s what worked. Today we have been meal planning and renumbering everything.

Getting ready for Tower of Terror. kiddo is going to do the 5k too. Got our room. We got one day tickets. This is long time  coming for me. I have not had a Disney medal since October 2010. No Disney races. Already packing. Making sure I have pins for trading.I had to dust off our park bag. I had to dust off Talking Mickey. I think I am going to have him in the Tower of Terror with me.  Started getting the quotes for Jan. I am sitting on the bench with Goofy. I gave myself to the end of this month to register.

We have a couple local 5k’s coming up. We are going to do them. Maybe sprint Triathlon in Sept. I have an idea of away to get out there and get the swim in. Will elaborate more a little later.{ i am not big on local foot races since that is how I got hurt last year,but I have to start some where}

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1 Response to Catching Up..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Wow – that’s just a lot to deal with. Hope E is feeling better!


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