Last week, I was able to meet four time Kona World Champion Chrissie Wellington. She is touring promoting her book and inspiring all.

She was late. Caught in wonderful Miami traffic. She spoke to the crowd. She told her story, which is really cool to hear the pros have to fight the same mental demons, and training issues, fueling.

“Let’s face it, racing hurts.” Chrissie said. We all can relate. We all know this. I tried to record her speaking and my phone over heated. I don’t see the recording.  The more she spoke more it made since.

When it was my turn to meet her and for her to sign my book. I told her thank you for keep inspiring me. She said no thank you. I told her I was down for 6 months,and I am trying to get back and it has been so hard to get back where I was. If you have the drive you can get back to where you were, if not better.  She hugged me and we smiled for the photo.

I look awful in that color, but that shirt represents the event I was determine to go to pain free and walk into. I did just that.

Since then.. I have had alot of time to think. I am coming back. Slower than I want to but I am trying to stay injury free.

Last Sat. was group training. 3 hrs. I was off. I left it all out there. I was sore after but I left it out there.  Yesterday I swam 1400 yds. All drills. I even did it in the time that it was written for. I also cross trained. I used the variety program. This one even made me go backwards. That is how I found some more weak muscles. 4.3 miles. I am sore as you know what. That’s ok. I have iced everything, and Brick is tonight and I am going to leave it all out there too. This time I won’t forget my fuel belt. 🙂

Find Your Calm. It’s in you. 🙂

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1 Response to Inspiration

  1. wdwalone says:

    Great photo!

    Sounds like you’re pulling it all together. I need to do the same.


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