Catching Up

This maybe a little long..

I have been busy. I had the tooth removed.I had stitches and everything. Saw the specialist. Well I did not get any good news. I have to have tons of work done. I even have bone loss in my lower jaw. 😦  This can be the source of all my sinus issues.

I have been feeling better. We went to local wrestling and we got to meet and see Goldust. He did a scavenger hunt the day before and we did find him. No make up, Just Dustin and his Wife. I am not sure who was more excited my Mom getting to meet him or Dustin excited cause we found him.  🙂 It was blast and I just enjoyed my Mom’s reaction, and my daughters. Goldust, Thank You,I know you will read this.

Alright, I finally got the the scale to move. -2 this week.  I have been tracking my burn, but I had been bad at tracking my food journal. My burn is up. I have figured out that i do need more protein. Since I have added that in,I am not so hungry all the time.

My knee is still an issue. Not as bad but it is. I saw my doctor at work and he said it could be my back acting up from the other stuff that is going on so I have to ice it down. I have been and it has helped. But I am still thinking to get an x-ray to make sure nothing else is going on.

I am now going to have to make a decision. I need to register for Jan. marathon weekend. I am off that weekend,but I don’t know if I will be later. Just like I asked for the Friday before Tower of Terror off. I have to get my miles up. Soon.

Training today was good. I just forgot have of my gear, forgot my water, and my water belt. I even forgot my HR monitor. I’m running more, but I couldn’t last long in this heat without my fluid. Got a nice ride in, didn’t swim. My knee was sore and the entrance to the water was rough and I was worried I wasn’t gonna make it back out.

My coach wanted everyone doing the Escape to Miami. I can’t,cause of Tower Terror is a week apart. SO I asked what other race and Coach said do the International distance at Miami Man. That is in Nov. I asked her if we can work on more open water swimming. I get super anxiety. Like last week when the water was choppy. I had such a hard time adjusting, I couldn’t find my calm until later. Coach always tells me, “Find Your Calm”. I think I am going to use that as my mantra.

We are at the 180 mark for ADR’s at Disney. They are being made! I am so excited. It helps remind me of what I have to look forward too. 🙂 I can’t wait to see everyone. We need a trip. Tower Terror can’t get here fast enough. 🙂

This is long enough..


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3 Responses to Catching Up

  1. J. Darling says:

    Open water swimming (especially competitively, when it’s practically combat swimming for the first bit) can be daunting! But you’ll only drown IF you panic – that’s the major mistake people make. (After nearly making it once myself during my first Tri – even though I AM a very strong swimmer- I can attest to this one first hand!) Just remember – nothing is EVER as ‘bad’ as we imagine it is. 😉


  2. Chris says:

    Find your calm…I like it…simple, easy to remember! I’m with you on this front as it was a little better this past weekend, but I had to fight it for the first quarter mile and force myself to stroke and breathe. Keep plugging away as I think it’s more about the repetition and getting used to it.

    Really looking forward to January here as well!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Find your calm is a great mantra. Hope things are settled down and you’re getting back on track.

    It will be great to see you for Tower – hopefully I’ll be able to finish it!


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