I Am Getting There..And I Didn’t Realize It..

I have been having this amazing feeling the last few weeks of major self improvement. Being back in the water has been amazing. It sometimes is very hard to express how much I feel like I have this weight lifted off of me.

Yesterday I went to the gym, and I swam 15 laps. 4 laps with the training fins, 4 laps with the board. 4 laps without the fins, and I pushed to get in another 3 laps. I did not know what the pool size was at that time. Later in the evening I did brick training in this crazy winds we have been having. I wore my new Timex trainer. It was very noisy. It tracked my HR, HR zone, how long I was in my HR zone. It did not connect to the bike sensor. Odd. The winds coming across there was amazing. They push me all over the road. But I powered through. Again I am not as fast as the rest of them but I did finish. The 2 laps of running I was able to interval run. I honestly do not know how the hell I did that but I did. My breathing was off but it was super humid and going against the wind was fierce. I completed the entire thing. My legs were heavy. I was slowing down but I still manage to interval it. Today I am sore but I think it is mostly due to the pool.

The wnumbers by the watch, Calories burned in 1:22 was 1172. HR zone 34 minutes. total mileage 12.46, run/walk 1.98 And it gives the average on everything. Now back to the pool. Today I called and asked the distance of the pool. The lady came back on the phone and said it is half Olympic distance{25M/82 ft.}. WHAT!! I swam 1320 feet. Or 395M. If I could have squeezed out another 2 laps I would have dome a quarter mile. I was n total shock. I had to send a text to everyone and let them know what I did. I SWAM 15 LAPS!! JUST SHY OF A QUARTER MILE! Yes I had my mask and snorkel on but I still did it. And it is legal.

Today my head has been killing me. My right side. My ear is acting up again. Sensitive to noise and stuff. I missed out on a group swim today or going spinning. I figured out how to turn of the alarms om my watch. I figured out how to set up the watch for swimming. Trying to get my stuff done so I can hit the hey and get up early to go swim. It will make for a long day,but in the end it will be amazing. BTW, E wasn’t there at the gym. It was all me!! That’s right Me, I have to face this head on and Only I CAN chip this wall down. 🙂

I am chipping this wall away. There is light peeking through. I have to get in more road time. I need more interval time too. I have to get out there and do my 4 miler and work on getting my miles longer. I am still feeling unsure about the Tower Of Terror 10 miler. I am only up to 3 miles. 44 minutes. The duathlon next week will help me see where I am at. I plan on leaving it all out there. I know this course, I now the people. This should be my last duathlon. I have to concentrate on not loosing my concentration when I go to come in for the finish. I haven’t raced since last August.

The group get a kick out of my bright yellow I wear. Team Voice is near ans dear to my heart and yellow it is. 🙂


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5 Responses to I Am Getting There..And I Didn’t Realize It..

  1. Mike Greene says:

    Actually 15 laps is 1230 feet. 1320 feet is a quarter of a mile (drag racers know this!) Congrats on getting back in the water! My wife is currently taking a tri class at the local Fleet Feet store. She’s now so confident in the water that she can’t wait to go swimming! It’s all about technique – especially the breathing in the water part. Find a good swim coach and you’ll be miles ahead!


  2. Lorraine says:

    Great job tackling the swim!! The swim has always been my challenge too, I was just never a “swimmer” by nature. You are doing great, congrats!


  3. Chris says:

    Chipping away indeed. Great work, Rae! I tell ya, time flies so fast that if you do concentrate on the small victories and build on them a tiny bit at a time….you’ll be so amazed at how far you can go in what seemed like yesterday. I laugh when I think about what pace I started to run at and where I’m at now and it does feel like it was just yesterday when i was talking about trying to run my first half-marathon… I owe a lot of that to you and the team…which is why I still wear the yellow at every race as well 😉 Going to need to figure out how to replace it soon though or nobody is going to want to run next to me. LOL


  4. wdwalone says:

    That is so amazing. What an outstanding job on the swimming! So proud of you and of course it was all you – you can do anything!


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