What a long week it has been. Mentally draining. Work has not slowed down like I would like it too. Since my floor acquired another floor. One that is mentally draining and it really takes a strong person to help prepare end of life for those who are terminal. Those who can do that YOU are amazing!

So with that I have to say food has been bad. I have been bad at tracking this week. All I want to do is eat…The more active I get, the more I want to take in. Working on that. Gonna up the protein intake.  Work on tracking better.  Weigh in tomorrow .

Meet my new gear. I learned today, that I can not swim with just goggles. I take in alot of water. 🙂 So with my mask and the new training snorkel to help to learn how to breath while learning to swim free style. First I learned I CAN breath while swimming free style. 🙂 I CAN swim 200 yards without having to stop to breath. I sure will take credit for it. Chipped away more of the wall that was blocking me from getting back in the water.  I did 200 yards without stopping!!! Holy Cats!  Thank you so much Diane, you truly do not understand how much this means to me. 🙂 I also joined a gym today. Worked out the red tape and BAM! I have a pool. 24/7/ days. I see that being my early morning exercise before work. 🙂

Diane also suggest my first sprint to be August/Sept. Those are at Crandon Park. Ugh.. the Rickenbacker Causeway. Funny, I have not biked that darn thing in long time. But for now, July 4th Duathlon. Get me back out there.I also have to increase my distance for Jan.2013 marathon weekend. Tower of Terror in Sept too.

The weather here has been impossible. Not a whole lot of outside  time. Tomorrow isn’t looking much better.  What can you do??

Have A great Weekend.

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3 Responses to 200

  1. Richard says:

    Good work on the swim, and everything else. Every forward step is a chip away at that wall that has blocked your path. Life gets in the way of a lot of things associated with personal improvement. As long as you can roll with the bad and take benefit of the good, then it will all eventually be OK. I’ve been looking over the last 5 1/2 years worth of progress and I am astounded at where I got from where I started. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t fast but I made it. So can you, my friend!!!


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Rae! Great job on breaking down the barriers and figuring out how to get swimming again. Keep it going!


  3. wdwalone says:

    So glad that your doing so well with the swimming. That is awesome!

    End of life care is so difficult and draining…

    You’re doing great, keep it up!


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