Another Week Gone..

Alright another week down. This week has been tough . My right knee has not been the happy camper. Since my open water swim almost 2 weeks ago, it has been sore. I have been doing the ice, elevation and advil. It started  to feel better Saturday. What did I do, go off and ram a drawer handle into it.

Today I did Brick. I work tomorrow so I can’t go with the group. I did my own today. I did 6 miles on the bike and 2.5 intervals. Yep intervals, and I did better than I thought I would. But my equipment is not. My speedometer on my bike failed. The app I used was acting up and my new garmin does not work out of the box. Sigh…

Review my week.

Sunday, burn 3270,steps 14380,intake 1907, total burn 1363. Mon. burn 2519,steps 5270, intake 818, total burn 1701. {not sure if my intake was right here} Tuesday, burn 2552, steps 8613, intake 1428,total burn 1124, Wed. burn 2554,steps 5949, intake 2311, total burn 243. Thursday burn 1878, steps 1658,intake 1106, total burn 772. Total rest day. Friday was my splurge day did not count it. Saturday burn 2480, steps 7215, intake 1640, total burn 840. total burn for the week 6,043. Should have lost 2.5 pounds. I didn’t. I gain +.2. Other than being inconsistent with my calorie numbers, is the only reason why I didn’t loose.

Oh yeah, I had a gym today tell me they do not take my insurance when I just wanted to see the place, see what the pool area look like and see if was clean. It is. So before I put out the money, I am going to take my papers over there and show them so I do not get the butt end of the whole thing, like my new non working garmin. 😦 This place has great reviews, and no non compliant issues. Yes I do my research.

That’s my week. Have a great Monday.

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1 Response to Another Week Gone..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Darn knee – I know the feeling all too well. It’s smar to do your research – better safe than sorry for sure. Sorry to hear your new Garmin isn’t working.


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