Another Wall..

First off.. I have been getting tons of spam lately. So much so that it is spamming my friends. So if you do not see your comment pop up let me know please.

Looking back over this week. What have I learned about myself??

I have learned a lot. Swimming. I am grateful for finally getting through some of my wall. For each drill we went over it just chipped down more, and it open memory doors to remember it wasn’t always bad. I think it is strange how we hold on to the negative stuff and we truly know deep down inside we Can do it. I have swam from the shore with my Ex to the reef  and back. One bad experience and BAM!! It all stop. Moving on.. I have to work on building up my cardio. Holy Cats! No matter how many hill repeats and intervals I do on the dreadmill just isn’t quite enough. Which I have not not done this week due to the extreme soreness I have had this week. Go ahead and laugh you guys from work!! 🙂 At least I made you laugh…haha..FYI… I found my IT band support and I can walk without hobbling .

Biking… What am I going to do with the rear rim of my bike??? I am so frustrated with it. Today I am going to sit down and look at the tube. I have had this problem with this rim since I have had the bike. Yes my bike is a road bike. I put aero bars on it, which added weight. I think I need to be refitted to the bike. I am really good on the bike this is were I make up my time. I noticed I will have to rebuild my endurance, and get on the spinner and do drills to get that back.

Running…Those who know me know  I have not been running. Why?? After sitting down and thinking about it at work,home or even driving, I think it is just me again. Another wall. I have been running intervals. Not this week. I have been thinking had about this. I have friends that have asthma like me, and other things I do not have. Hell my one buddy just did his first half marathon after hip surgery and a new PR. I think it is me holding me back. One of my other friends put in more time this year and shaved off 3 hours on his Ironman. AMAZING!! Inspiring.

So, I know I have to figure out why have I been sabotaging myself? My daughter is inspired by me. I asked why?? Because I keep trying more no matter what, and finish. She wants to do the marathon  2013, and a triathlon cause of me. WOW!!  When you don’t think you kids are watching you ,or paying attention. They are!! 🙂 {class of 2013}

Well this is going to be a neat adventure learning more about me.

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1 Response to Another Wall..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Self sabotage – boy do do I know a thing or two about this…That’s been my entire year this year – nothing but letting stress beat me, over and over. Very tough to get past.


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