Catch Up

Last Week review:

Last week, My bugg had stop counting for some reason so my numbers are going to look bad. Which I did have a bad food week. I was hungry all the time.

Mon: burn 2480, steps 6368, in 2385, total burn 95. Tues. Burn 2509, steps 8887,,in 1554, total burn 995. Wed. burn 1613, steps ?, intake 1636, total burn:? Thurs. Burn: 1596, steps ?, intake 1968, total burn ??. Fri. burn 1596, steps:? total burn,??. Sat. splurge day.

Monday brick was rained out. Tuesday was open water swim I got there late, and I just didn’t do it. But Diane walked with me and we walked 2.5. Wed. I worked. Thurs. I worked. Friday I was off and somewhere in there I did3.0 in 44 minutes. Sat. is splurge day so it didn’t count, worked. and I do not know what happened to Sun. I worked.

My Doctor she wrote mt clearance letter for training today!!! So exciting!!  Yesterday was brick training. We rode in we would run, and do that till we were done. Diane also wanted us to practice transition set up. Which I did not realize until after I was there. I know for next time to bring my all my stuff. I bike like crazy. I took off when we got the green light. I felt so good. Even when we hit the head wind. When I got to my run part. I could not even interval. My lungs were giving me trouble. It was a little more humid. I had to use my inhaler. I didn’t get to run any of the run laps this time. I even slowed down biking. I got a flat again. I really do not know what to do with this rear rim.  I was thinking about sitting down and tapping up the entire inside. I had it re-taped. It has been a problem. I may have to get a new one. bike miles 8.8, walk/run miles 2.64.

I guess ,I put it off long enough. Did I swim Monday morning on my swim session??? Did I freak out?? Yes I did. Diane my coach took me all the back to the basics. So did I get in the water?? Yes I did. She even took a picture of me in the pool. When I get it from her I will post it. Then we did basic drills. I was so excited I think I drank half the pool yesterday. haha When I calmed down, it was like she reopen that door that got slammed shut 2 years ago. I struggled with all last year. I feel like someone had lifted this awful weight off my shoulders. I have to get the trainer fins, the trainer snorkel. With each drill it just made me good to know I didn’t for get. We only did half pool. I can’t wait for the next one. If weather permitting she may let me get in the open water session today!!! BTW.. I wore just my goggles. Not my full mask. 🙂

I think I am caught up.


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1 Response to Catch Up

  1. wdwalone says:

    Look at you…You are kicking butt again and it is just awesome!


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