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Did I swim??? Nope.. I got to the beach late. The weather. I was unsure where they were going to be.  So after they were done,we grab our schedules, plotted and planned.{Monday is pool day} We walked for 2.5 miles per her garmin. Learned a little about each other. Now I have to get a all cleared from my doctor’s office. See the past is still keeping me from doing what I want to do.{i will have the doctor note in the next day or 2.}

I feel unsure of my self. I do know, that I am not doing this for anyone but me. I need this. I am not looking to win. I want to finish. Get back into a routine.

This is the Bay at FIU we get to use on Saturdays. Also the pool and the FIU events.

Today I did 3 miles of intervals. I did them all in 44 minutes. 🙂 I might do a easy spin on the trainer.I have been shopping around for a new garmin. Mine finally took a dump. What I have found out is they are  mostly all out of my price range. $400-$500. What I did find was a global gps, heart rate monitor, can get in the water with it, and it will connect with the bike. Amazing right. I was figuring it to be a thousand dollars. Nope. On Amazon it is affordable. Its a Timex Ironman global  trainer. Got to have it so I can train in my heart rate zone.  Should be here next week.

Happy Wednesday!.  Can you believe it is almost June!!



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1 Response to Not Yet

  1. wdwalone says:

    Sorry you missed this swim, but glad you got to know the trainer more and start planning.


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