The Question…Can I Run WIth The Big Dogs Again??

SO, do I get up in the am and go meet this group doing a meet and greet tomorrow? They are local. Should I ride?

How do I feel? I haven’t had any pain. None.. zero.. not even a pinch. It will be three months in a week.  I got my rear rim fixed today. Dug out the gear bag and the gear. I have to dig out my mask too. I have not been in the water in a full year. Have not biked in 8 months. Back up to 3-4 miles. The heat.


The coach wants me to come out, she would like to talk tomorrow. I am nervous. But I have a clean beginner sleight. With all the knowledge. Willing to learn more.

Is my body ready??

My job schedule will get in the way. We can work around it. My good friend recommends the coach. We discuss that some today.

Gulp..  I guess I won’t know if I do not tri….

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3 Responses to The Question…Can I Run WIth The Big Dogs Again??

  1. Richard says:

    When I returned to running (and later came to triathlons) I was usually at the back, and often the last one–once I was so far back the rest of the group wrapped up the run without my return.
    Yet I did not give up, and I kept coming back for more again and again. Little by little I improved, sometimes so slowly that I considered giving up because everyone else seemed so much better than I. Yet I did not give up, and I kept coming back……
    Then the day came where I was doing greater things than I had ever imagined and realized that i was the person that others looked up to.
    Take you time. Take it easy. Don’t ever give up!!!


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Rae! I’ve been horrid for the past couple of months at reading or posting on the blogs…I know….apologies and I’m going to give it another go, even if it’s sporadic pop-in’s. At least I’ll feel like I’m still connected with y’all.

    I agree with Richard, there is not givin’ up, this is a life choice, not a couple years in and then I’m out, choice. “It’s you against you, the paradox that drives us all” right?

    For me, although I wanted to do the half-Iron next weekend, it just wasn’t meant to be this soon. I feel like I could do it, but I want to do a little better than that. Still planning on a couple sprint races this summer (gotta get that wetsuit some use ;-))

    Keep on it!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Hey, meet with the coach. You’ll figure out if that’s the right group and right training path for you. You’re absolutely right that you have to try to know for sure what will work for you.

    Richard and Chris are both right. Just take the time to get back in the swing of things and the improvement will come.


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