My Week In Review

Review Time

Sunday 5/13 ,burn,2444 104%, steps 6011, intake ?{didn’t track} , Monday 5/14, burn 2037, 87% , steps 3689, intake 1544 ,total burn 493, Tuesday 5/15, burn 2037 87%, steps 7996, intake 1608, total burn 586. Tuesday I did the M100 only 2 sets. And strength training. I did dreadmill intervals . Wed. 5/16, work day, burn 2417 103%, steps 6049, intake 1452 total burn 965, Thurs. 5/17 work day, burn 2092 89%, steps, 2390, intake 1441, total burn 651, Fri 5/18 work day, burn 1596, steps 0, intake 2036, total burn +440. Bug didn’t record. Saturday splurge day. Bob Harper, he says not to count splurge day. So not counting. 🙂

Weigh in :-1.3  Sweet. 🙂

What I learned: After writing it all down. I noticed I am not making the 1600 calorie mark. And when I work 3 in a row I can’t do anything. I am so burned out.  SO today I slept in, I have got up at 4 am most of the week. I am working hard on changing to the 4am . I will get some miles in here today as long as the weather holds out. I will be able to in a good routine. Before my next crazy three in a row.

I see they have changed the marathon route. At least they didn’t mess with all the major spots. Can not wait to go!  I will talk with my boss this week about Jan. 13 Cause I need to register for Goofy.

Watching Ironman Texas. Richard is in it. His second 140. I wish him well in this one! Hoping to see him on here live at the finish line!

Enjoy the weekend.

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1 Response to My Week In Review

  1. wdwalone says:

    Great week, keep it up! Love the new course – can’t wait!


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