Last Week’s Numbers.

1. Miles weekly:9, 2.Strength training : 3 hours 3. cardio:90 minutes ,weigh in:

Here is last week.

Sunday: burn 2444 , steps 6011, intake 1698, Monday,burn 2240 95%, steps 4899, intake 1162, Tuesday burn 2220 94%, steps,4796, intake 1378, Wednesday 1596 68%, steps 0, intake 1881{didn’t wear my bug}, Thursday burn 1596 68%, intake 1881,steps 0. {didn’t wear bug} Friday burn,1596, steps 0, intake 1160. Saturday burn 2302, steps 5542, intake 1135. weigh in, +3.

That was last weeks numbers. I was not feeling good. Found out I was having a reaction to a additive in a food. I even missed work. Doctor had me do elimination of my daily intake and see what is was and what I had added in. It was what I had added in. As you can see as I can my numbers were all off. No miles, no strength training, no nothing. Last night I realized I have just not been doing my normal. So I am working hard to getting back on track.

My family got me new patio furniture. They put it all together .Now we are sitting out side more than we have done in a few years. We have got the front yard planted and it looks good. My Mom is patio gardening. Looks like a jungle. We all started to work on the back yard. So we can use it more than we have been. {which was nothing}

So today, I am going to give the M 100’s a shot.{from the video I posted last time} Have to start somewhere. And put miles in even if I have to get on the dreadmill. My bike is sitting here on the indoor spinner, looking kinda good. I may have to try a easy spin. =)

Have a great week. I will try to do my week in review on time. And be on track.


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1 Response to Last Week’s Numbers.

  1. wdwalone says:

    Rough week, but you got through it and you’ll be stronger because of it :)!


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