I Did It.. Did You??

I am done. I am spent. Which I am good with.

I tried my best to do the M100’s. 2 minutes I barely did 2 sets of 10 ,of all three. I made it though 20 of the 100. Not again til Thursday. Then I did some strength training.

Horizontal wood chop 15 reps x 4 5 pounder, Romanian  dead lift 15 reps x 4 with a 10 pound weight with leg up and 10 reps with out leg up, single arm dumbbell rows 15 reps x 4 10 pound weight, bent over rows 15 reps x 4 10 pound weight. Core and upper, back done!

Later when it isn’t so humid I need to get in 3 miles. Intervals. Yeah I maybe slow, but I will get it done.

Alright I got my 30 minutes of strength and some cardio. in. Did you?? Don’t sit a you computer or your tablet and read this and give an excuse not to try. Cause if you have time to read this, then you have time to move. Remember, I could not do any of this 2 months ago, let alone walk. I refuse to go back.

Damn.. my bike is looking good..

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2 Responses to I Did It.. Did You??

  1. Richard says:

    It’s inspiring to see you coming back with so much determination. I love it!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Awesome job girl – so impressed!!!!! I’m trying, but not so good at succeeding right now, but I really am working on it.


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